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My trip to St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, in 2003 the city took back its current name, celebrated 300 years since its foundation. A legend says that as long as the statue of the bronze knight Peter the Great remains in its place, Petersburg will not die. A good opportunity to go and visit it was an offer from AirBaltic bought 3 months ago, 140 euros A / R with departure from Milan and stopover in Riga.

I get a visa at the embassy in Milan, cost € 95 including health insurance for 14 days.

A long search to find an apartment because the prices are quite high ... but luckily I find Anna Antonenko's website that offers some apartments in the center, I choose the one in VIA DOSTOEVSKOGO 20 (35 euros) for a week, while for the second one always at the same address another for 40 euros, plus registration (20 euros). She was very helpful with everything and also speaks Italian.

1 euro corresponds to about 40 rubles but the prices are very high and everything costs as in Italy ... to eat I will have to go in search of self-service or buy at the supermarket, you can't eat out every day or spend a fortune.

With the four metro lines you can get around the city well, even if you can get around the center on foot, the token costs 25 rubles or there are 10-ride cards, luckily the indications are also written in Latin characters.

The large straight road called Nevsky prospect, as the entrance to the city, represents the central point from which to reach many attractions, it connects the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra, a monastery where the relics of the homonymous were transferred.

Then we find the Kazan Cathedral of 1799 with a hundred columns post a semicircle.

Continuing, the building of the S.P.A. Zinger & Co. which makes a corner on the Griboedov canal where the gaze rests on the church the Salvation on the Spilled Blood an exceptional building with colored mosaics and domes covered in gilded copper from 1883.

The Mikhailovskaya street leads to the large building of the Russian Museum, where the most important collections of Russian paintings and icons are collected.

The Senate square houses the monument of Peter the Great and is located almost in front of the Cathedral of St. Isaac from 1707, 101 meters high with 5 domes, and at the same time a church and museum.

From a side street of Nevsky, passing under the great triumphal arch of the General Staff building, you arrive at the Piazza del Palazzo, the most beautiful and largest pedestrian square in the city where the Winter Palace is located, or part of the Hermitage Museum. 30 minutes we enter with Alena, whom I thank for the guide in Italian, the price is 400 rubles, the rooms are huge and beautiful, obviously because this was the royal residence, the dozens of rooms exhibit about 300,000 pieces ranging from the 5th to the 20th century in addition to rich chandeliers, mosaics and royal furniture, the square shaped Palace building is also one of the finest designed creations.

Continuing north we cross the bridge that connects the island of Vasil'evskij, on the square in front of the stock exchange there are two rostrate columns 32 meters high which served as a lighthouse until the mid-19th century, after passing 2 bridges you get to the island of the Fortress of SS. Peter and Paul, inside the homonymous Cathedral of 1712 and the small house of Peter I, the oldest wooden building in the city.

Returning to the Nevskij surroundings we find some interesting places such as the Malaja Sadovaja lavia, the Anickov bridge, the Belosel Skij Belozerskij palace, the Lomonosov bridge.

The Smolnyj monastery stands on the Rastrelli square, near the river, the church is of Russian Baroque style, white and blue, with five huge domes which are crowned by numerous small towers. In the courtyard there are four other small churches.

Maybe I was expecting more of a "Russian" city but St. Petersburg is more European and touristy and this has helped to raise its prices.

Paolo, [email protected]

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