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The symbolism of rosemary is very varied but always positive.

Always has represented good health inspiring a number of legends and beliefs. In the nineteenth century it was believed that the flowers placed in contact with the skin gave happiness as well as the leaves placed under the bed meant that there were no nightmares or that cultivating the plant on the windowsill warded off diseases.

It also has represented rebirth and immortalityFor the ancient Egyptians it represented immortality so much so that a handful was placed in the hand of the deceased to facilitate their journey to the afterlife. The funerary use of this plant has found in the past a great diffusion throughout Europe and in many countries there was the custom of accompanying a deceased to the cemetery holding a sprig of rosemary or the funerary wreaths of rosemary, myrtle were made up. and laurel.

It has always been considered one auspicious plant, sincerity, fidelity and happiness and in fact it was customary to give a bouquet of rosemary to the shepherd officiant at a wedding.

Rosemary is also a auspicious symbol in fact in England it was believed that bringing rosemary to the cap favored any business.

Meaning of flowers, rosemary

The rosemary is one of the aromatic plants most widespread of the entire Mediterranean scrub. Its unmistakable scent has made it one of the spices most used in the kitchen. Did you know that its name means "dew of the sea" in Latin? Let's find out its meaning together in the language of flowers.

THE flowers of this aromatic plant are present in our territory from March to October more or less continuously. Sure, rarely this inflorescence it is given as a gift, but if you are interested in its meaning you can always give the whole plant as a gift: it will be the same. In any case, the colors of its flowers are many and go from indigo lilac to purplish blue. In some cases, although rare, they may acquire a pale white or pale blue color.

Are you curious to know the meaning? We immediately satisfy you: in the language of flowers, rosemary means "memory". And as a plant known since ancient times, it can count on a whole series of legends. We caught two nice ones, one of a religious nature and one of Roman origin. The first tells that before the birth of Christ this aromatic shrub had white flowers. During the flight to Egypt of the Holy Family, it offered shelter to the Virgin Mary within its branches. The flowers turned blue after the danger passed Maria placed her cloak on it.

The story told by Ovid in Metamorphosis instead, it starts from Venus and the revenge that she wanted to take with Apollo who had discovered her with Mars. The goddess made Apollo fall madly in love with a mortal, Leucotoe, daughter of the king of Persia Orcàme and Eurinome. The god literally burned with passion, he had no peace and to be with her, he turned into his mother. Their love was finally fulfilled but Clizia, a nymph in love with Apollo decided to take revenge after being rejected and had the young woman sentenced to death by her own father. The beautiful Leucotoe was buried alive. Apollo did not have the possibility to resurrect her, so Apollo deflected the sun's rays making them penetrate the tomb so that the young woman could have some light. In the heat of the sun the girl's lifeless body turned to rosemary.

Rosemary: the language of flowers and plants

The attribution of a symbolic meaning to flowers and plants was the work of Mary Wortley Montagu, who at the time was the wife of the English ambassador to Constantinople. During his stay in the Turkish capital in the first decade of the 1700s, he learned of selam, a local custom that attributed symbolic meanings to all sorts of objects, but above all to flowers, fruits and plants. He reported everything in some of his letters that were published in 1763, which gave great resonance in Europe to this topic with numerous publications on it.

TO | Holly: come on ...

Abutilon: meditation.
Holly: strength, endurance and foresight. See Data Sheet
Alisso (Lobularia maritima): value beyond beauty.
Laurel: triumph, glory and success. See Data Sheet
Anemone: desolation, abandonment, feeling abandoned, feeling betrayed. See Data Sheet
Orange: generosity. See Data Sheet
Aster: intellectual depth and eternal love. See Data Sheet
Azalea: luck and fragile passion. See Data Sheet

B. | Bacopa: consciousness ...

Bacopa: pure conscience. See Data Sheet
Hawthorn: hope and prudence. See Data Sheet
Leon's mouth: indifference and presumption. See Data Sheet
Bouvardia: enthusiasm. See Data Sheet
Snowdrop: consolation and hope. See Data Sheet
Beautiful during the day: coquetry. See Data Sheet
Beautiful at night: shyness. See Data Sheet
Beautiful of Ireland: good luck.
Brassica: profit, is associated with births. See Data Sheet
Bougainvillea: passion. See Data Sheet

C. | Cactus: passionate love ...

Cactus: passionate love. See Data Sheet
Calamondino: luck. See Data Sheet
Calla: modesty. See Data Sheet
Camellia: sacrifice. See Data Sheet
Red camellia: flame in my heart. See Data Sheet
White camellia: you're adorable. See Data Sheet
Campanula: perseverance and hope. See Data Sheet
Celosia: immortality. See Data Sheet
Cyclamen: shy hope. See Data Sheet
Clematis: joy, luck, success.See Data Sheet
Chrysanthemum: symbol of the commemoration of the dead. See Sheet

D. | Dahlia: gratitude ...

Dahlia: gratitude, good taste and dignity. See Data Sheet
Dimorfoteca: freedom, to be free. See Data Sheet
Dipladenia: overcoming difficult situations. See Data Sheet
Dracaena: you are about to fall into the trap. See Data Sheet
Drosanthemum (Jupiter's Beard): triumph and victory over the enemy. See Data Sheet

IS | Ivy: fidelity ...

Ivy: fidelity, exclusive love. See Data Sheet
Heather: solitude. See Data Sheet
Eucalyptus: protection. See Data Sheet
Euryops: means "big eye". See Data Sheet

F. | Fern: sincerity ...

Fern: sincerity.
Cornflower: delicacy, first love and bliss. See Data Sheet
Wax flower: consecration.
Orange flowers: virginity, fecundity and purity.
Cherry blossoms: good education.
Lotus flower: purity.
Peach flowers: immortal love. See Data Sheet
Freesia: lasting friendship. See Data Sheet
Fuchsia: grace and grace. See Data Sheet

G. | Gardenia: sincerity ...

Gardenia: sincerity and refinement. See Data Sheet
White carnation: fidelity. See Data Sheet
Red carnation: anger, resentment and energy. See Data Sheet
Gaura: superb. See Data Sheet
Gazania: wealth.See Sheet
White jasmine: kindness and affection. See Data Sheet
Red geranium: you are a comfort to me. See Data Sheet
Pink geranium: I prefer you. See Data Sheet
Five-spotted geranium: humiliation. See Data Sheet
Scarlet geranium: stupidity. See Data Sheet
Imperial geranium: stable relationships, sentimental stability. See Data Sheet
Gerbera: cheerfulness. See Data Sheet
Lily: purity and royalty. See Data Sheet
Sunflower: adoring love. See Data Sheet

THE | Iberis: indifference ...

Iberis: indifference. See Data Sheet
Hibiscus: delicate beauty.
Iris: faith, hope, good news and sincerity. See Data Sheet

L | Lavender: good luck ...

Lantana: rigor. See Data Sheet
Lavender: good luck, mistrust and detachment. See Data Sheet
White lilac: purity and virginity. See Data Sheet
Yellow lilac: I'm in the clouds. See Data Sheet
Lemon: enthusiasm. See Data Sheet
Lithodora: strength and fragility. See Data Sheet
Lobelia: despair. See Sheet

M. | Magnolia: nobility ...

Magnolia: nobility and dignity. See Data Sheet
Mandevilla: flashy beauty symbolizes overcoming problems. See Data Sheet
Daisy: simplicity, spontaneity and purity. See Data Sheet
Mimosa: innocence, freedom, autonomy and sensitivity.
Thrush: virginity, coquetry. See Data Sheet
Peppermint: warmth of feeling. See Sheet

No. | Narcissus: uncertainty ...

Narcissus: uncertainty and unrequited love. See Data Sheet
Nemesia: justice and respect for the rules. See Data Sheet
Do not forget me: eternal love. See Data Sheet
Water lily: purity of heart. See Data Sheet
New Guinea: impatience, virility. See Data Sheet

OR | Orchid: sensuality ...

Olive tree: sacred plant, symbol of peace. See Data Sheet
Orchid: sensuality, passion and refined beauty. See Data Sheet
Ballerina orchid: spiritual perfection and harmony. See Data Sheet
Origan: joy. See Data Sheet
Ornithogalum: reconciliation. See Data Sheet
Hydrangea: birth of a love. See Data Sheet

P. | Pink poppy: serenity ...

Pink poppy: serenity, vivacity. See Data Sheet
Red poppy: pride. See Data Sheet
Petunia Nana: love that cannot be hidden. See Data Sheet
Smile plant: Laughter, joy, smile. See Data Sheet
: desire or mourning, in the sense of eternal.
Parsley: festivity. See Data Sheet
Passionflower: fidelity. See Data Sheet

R. | Rhododendron: first love ...

Rhododendron: first love. See Data Sheet
Orange rose: seduction. See Data Sheet
White Rose: silence and purity. See Data Sheet
Yellow rose: jealousy and infidelity. See Data Sheet
Peach pink: modesty. See Data Sheet
Pink rose: tenderness, grace, friendship and innocence. See Data Sheet
Red rose: passion and true love. See Data Sheet
Dark red pink: unconscious beauty. See Data Sheet
Purple rose: enchantment. See Data Sheet
Rosemary: I remember. See Data Sheet

S. | Houseleek: home economics ...

Houseleek: domestic economy. See Data Sheet
Sensitive Plant: sensitivity. See Data Sheet
Stramonium: camouflage. See Data Sheet
Spatafillo: I will defend you. See Data Sheet

T. | Tulipano: true love ...

Tulip: true love. See Data Sheet
Red tulip: love declaration. See Data Sheet
Yellow tulip: the sun is in your smile. See Data Sheet
Violet tulip: modesty. See Data Sheet

U | Ulmaria: vanity ...

Ulmaria: vanity and uselessness.

V. | Pansy: intense thought ...

Pansy: intense and romantic thinking. See Data Sheet
Violet: humility and modesty. See Data Sheet
Mistletoe: I overcome all obstacles. See Data Sheet

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