Terrarium carnivorous plants


Growing carnivorous plants is always a rather demanding task, since it is necessary to concentrate a lot of effort and pay great attention to all the details.

Carnivorous plants must be grown in places that are characterized by a typically humid climate, which is not too windy and which, in most of the year, is temperate.

Obviously, carnivorous plants cannot always be cultivated by managing to satisfy all these conditions, especially all those who live in typically windy and rather dry places.

Here is the reason why, in these cases, it is necessary to provide for the cultivation of carnivorous plants inside a special terrarium: it is, in short, a structure that is built precisely to allow the formation of the requirements of an environment. humid, breezy and temperate we talked about earlier.


In most cases, terrariums are made from materials such as plastic. In practice, these large containers (which can also be built with glass) are characterized by being highly waterproof and, for this very reason, they are able to fully protect the plant from possible infiltration of water.

The terrarium can be made with both an open and closed structure: in any case, the main requirement to be met is to ensure a minimum air exchange which is vital for the health of the plant.

In order to properly cultivate carnivorous plants, it is advisable to use traditional aquariums that can be, in a few operations, transformed into real terrariums, able to satisfy all the requirements we mentioned earlier.

Carnivorous plant terrarium: how it is made

Among the fundamental requirements for developing an excellent terrarium, a prominent role is played by lighting: in case you decide to place the terrarium outside your home, it is sufficient to take advantage of the sunlight.

If, on the contrary, you choose to place the terrarium indoors, especially when it is a poorly lit environment, then it is essential to install an artificial lighting structure.

A large number of aquariums (which can be usefully exploited for the construction of the aquarium) have already installed a good lighting system as standard, but in many cases it may not be sufficient to ensure adequate and appropriate lighting for the carnivorous plant that is intends to cultivate in the terrarium.

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