How the little ones of the seahorse are born - Curious news

Did you know that Mr. Seahorse is actually a very sweet mom?

The seahorse, this delightful little fish (scrintifico name Hippókampos, from híppos «horse "e kampe «curvature »), actually has habits that not everyone knows. In fact, the puppies of this species are born from the father and not from the mother. How? I'll explain it to you.

The female produces the eggs (and so far everything proceeds according to nature). A few days before their maturation (ready to be fertilized) the female lets herself be wooed by the male who chases her relentlessly until he is able to grab her by the tail. This gesture represents marriage. At this point, mating occurs in the opposite direction: the female lays her eggs in a ventral sac of the male and only then does the male fertilize them. This sort of pouch then becomes a "placenta" where oxygen circulates to keep the eggs alive.

Mrs Cavalluccio, who has finished her task, thus resumes her daily chores, however making a daily visit to her partner, to make sure that everything is going well and that her husband is a good mother and does not overwork too much.

After 3-4 weeks, the pains begin, that is to say real muscle spasms to allow the little ones, now perfectly developed, to get out of the bag that hosted them and thus begin their independent life.

But nature… is it or isn't it wonderful?

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