Garden spotlights

Aesthetic lighting function

Lighting the garden is a necessity to be able to exploit it even during the evening hours. To do this, it is also essential to choose the right lighting. The light emitted by the spotlights responds to a need that is more aesthetic than functional, since they create a particular effect used above all to delimit areas of the garden or to highlight an area with particular vegetation. The spotlights installed along an avenue function as markers and create the path to reach the house. The garden spotlight is mainly made of plastic and can be walked on. This model bears both the weight of people and machines, is embedded directly in the ground, and the inclined optics do not disturb the driver. The light is diffused on the ground, and depending on the size of the spotlight, the light intensity is more or less strong. The lighting is precise and targeted, it focuses only on a certain point, creating particular light effects. This is why they are particularly suitable for highlighting areas of the garden. Thanks to the spotlights it is also possible to 'furnish' with light, because the same object admired at night, thanks to skilful lighting, takes on a different appearance.

Main uses

In most cases, garden spotlights are used to delimit the poolside area, to revive the effect of the water features of a fountain or to emphasize the presence of a work of art in the garden. The spotlight can have a square, rectangular or round shape, it depends on the taste of the customer and on the use that will be made of it: round spotlights are recommended for marking steps, as well as rectangular ones as poolside lights.


The spotlights, in addition to the classic yellow light, can also emit colored light, thus making the garden even more special. Each zone could be associated with a different color as if to underline the function of that space. The technical term identifies them as LED lights, capable of changing the color of things. When the spotlight is LED it does not emit infrared rays and the light emitted does not attract mosquitoes. In this case it is not just a decorative element but also a solution that manages to keep mosquitoes away.

Connection to the electrical system

The recessed spotlights are quite characteristic and when designing the garden you need to precisely fix the points where you want to connect them. Being powered by electricity, it is necessary to connect them to the lighting system and it will also be necessary to make a small excavation to be able to install them. If the garden already has its lighting system but you also want to insert spotlights to complete the system, it will be necessary to intervene with works for the arrangement of the latter. The garden spotlight requires little maintenance, cleaning is carried out as for the ceiling lights, it is only necessary to remove the external part to clean it.

Solar spotlights

In addition to the classic recessed garden spotlights, the market also presents spotlights that do not need to be recessed and run on solar energy. The spotlight is in fact equipped with a small solar panel, which captures the sun's rays and transforms them into energy, allowing the lamp to light up. It can be of various sizes, the choice depends on the place where it is to be placed. It does not require any particular installation but must only be inserted inside the ground. If this should be dry, just moisten it with water and plant the spotlight. In this case, no energy costs need to be budgeted because the spotlight works thanks to the sun which is a non-polluting and renewable source.

Wall spotlights

The category of garden spotlights also includes spotlights that are installed on the wall. This model allows for a rather complete illumination of the area. There are also models with sensors, when a person passes they turn on and then turn off after a certain time. They are made of plastic and are not afraid of bad weather. They can be purchased in different sizes, and the same structure can also be tilted.

Garden spotlights: Importance of design

Each garden spotlight has a specific characteristic and each must be used intelligently so that it propagates a light intensity suitable for the space in which it is inserted. In the design phase, following the set lighting scheme, you will get a perfectly illuminated garden, without the artificial light being too strong to represent a disturbance for the eyes. As far as costs are concerned, each garden spotlight differs from the other, so even if they all fall into a medium range, each one, based on specific characteristics, will have a different cost. The only model with which you can save the cost of electricity, and therefore only face the purchase cost, is the solar spotlight. In all other cases it will be necessary to keep in mind that the initial cost will also be added to the electricity consumed.

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