Fluid extracts

What are

The fluid extract is one of the most widespread phytotherapeutic preparations and is characterized by being, as you can easily guess from the name, in an extremely dense liquid form, which is obtained through a particular processing procedure.

Going into the specifics, we must underline how the fluid extract can be obtained starting from the drug after it has been subjected to a careful drying process: the next step consists in adding alcohol, which is used as the main solvent in most of cases, putting him in contact with the dried drug.

Subsequently, the processing moves mainly on evaporation, until the ideal ratio between the dried drug at the start and the extract is obtained, i.e. 1: 1.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the fluid extract corresponds to the most concentrated of the preparations in liquid form and can be usefully used both as an extract in itself, or as an excellent ingredient for making syrups, potions and other preparations.

The period of time in which the dried plant is subjected to maceration in the solvent is different according to the plant that is initially used.

Within the category of fluid extracts we can find a variant that is particularly widespread in the therapeutic field: we are referring to hydroalcoholic and alcoholic fluid extracts.

Within the category of hydroglycerin extracts, however, the solvent no longer corresponds to alcohol, but to glycerin.

How to prepare

The preparation of the fluid extract always takes place starting from the dried drug: in fact, the plant is macerated in an appropriate and specific solvent (which, in most cases is represented by ethyl alcohol) for a certain period.

Within the fluid extract, afterwards, we will operate in such a way that a quantity of the weight of the finished product can represent the same part of the weight of the drug that was dried at the beginning of the treatment.

Simply put, the fluid extract is characterized by having a one-to-one ratio between extract and drug.

There is the possibility of obtaining hydroalcoholic extracts, which is characterized by having an alcohol percentage between sixty and seventy degrees, but also alcoholic extracts, with an alcohol percentage that reaches up to ninety-five degrees and, finally, extracts glyceric.


The fluid extract certainly represents an extremely medicinal product and the reason is easily understood.

In fact, within this preparation alcohol has the particular ability to practically obtain the phytocomplex in its entirety, as it is found in the starting plant.

Despite everything, it must be remembered how the initial drying procedure of the plant can cause in some cases the decrease and, on very rare occasions, the complete loss of one or several active substances that are characteristic of this product (these rare cases may occur, in particular, when dealing with particularly volatile components.

The fluid extract is characterized by carrying out an interesting healing activity.

We must also not forget how the fluid extract is often the basis for the realization of the dry extract: in fact, starting from the fluid extract, this preparation will have to be subjected to a particular evaporation process, until the very fine powder is obtained which corresponds to the phytocomplex.


Fluid extracts can boast numerous advantages from the point of view of the alcoholic level present within them, which is notoriously rather limited, also thanks to the technologies and methodologies that are used to obtain this phytotherapeutic preparation.

The fluid extracts, precisely because of their low alcohol content, are extremely useful when you need to prepare syrups.

The alcoholic strength of the fluid extracts is established in relation and in equilibrium with what is proposed by the world Pharmacopoeias.

Among the other advantages that can be linked to the use of the fluid extract, it is necessary to underline the fixed weight ratio that exists between the drug and the extract: in fact, for a gram of fluid extract, there will always be only one gram of active ingredients of the dried drug.

It should also be noted that the fluid extract has a particular ability to keep for a very long time, as well as occupying an extremely limited space.

The active ingredients are all declared and titrated.

Fluid extracts: defects

The characteristic of the fluid extract of having a very limited alcohol content is certainly an index that does not favor the actual extraction of the phytocomplex in its entirety.

In fact, unlike what happens, for example, with mother tinctures (for which there is a different alcohol content in relation to the plant that is used for the treatment), which tend to improve the extraction of the active ingredients that go to characterize the drug and do not in any way modify the peculiarities of each plant, including the scent, taste and scent that can really be traced back exactly to the starting drug.

In any case, many other phytotherapeutic preparations are being developed, parallel to the fluid extracts, which allow to obtain only that portion of the desired phytocomplex and which are more effective.

Cinchona: a plant widely used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy

Since ancient times, the china it was appreciated for its anti-malarial, pain-relieving and anti-fever properties which made it one of the most important drugs. Let's discover all the virtues of this plant so used in herbal medicine and phytotherapy.

With the name China it refers to an arboreal plant belonging to the family of Rubiaceaeoriginally from the Andes, the Cinchona. Used for centuries as an aperitif and digestive, it was traditionally also appreciated in herbal medicine thanks to its eupeptic properties and especially antimalarials.

Most of the plant's active ingredients are concentrated in the bark, rich in quinine alkaloids, tannins, essential oils, resins and bitter substances with multiple beneficial virtues for human health.

Ecol: Production of natural food supplements since 1989

The company was founded in 1989 from a long family herbal tradition with the aim of combining innovation with the ancient wisdom of our grandparents. Its peculiarity starts from the place of production, it is located in the Natural Park of the Turin Hills, within an enchanting medieval village. Ecol has specialized in the production of natural food supplements: both of fluid extracts, soft and dry, which in the production and packaging of herbal tablets, acquiring specific plants for the transformation of herbal products. The flagship is the department of extraction, where a traditional forced percolation system has been integrated by an electronic controller, which manages the process phases ensuring very high qualitative and quantitative yields, while respecting the integrity of the phytocomplexes.

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Beforehand on Diamond no Ace Act II Chapter 218

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Plant extracts in cosmetics

  • Rosmarinus Officinalis Extract
  • Calendula Officinalis Extract
  • Ruscus Aculeatus Extract
  • Camelia Sinensis Extract
  • Centella asiatica Extract
  • Echinacea Angustifolia Extract
  • Tilia Platyphyllos Extract
  • Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria)
  • Triticum Vulgare Germ Extract
  • Vaccinium Myrtillus Extract
  • Arnica Montana
  • Hypericum Perforatum
  • Malva Silvestris Extract
  • Birch Alba Extract

Why rely on Fluid Extracts?

When the richness of nature offers the best solutions to the needs of the individual

After having explored some aspects of Efit's philosophy with the interview with the CEO that came out before Christmas, in this moment of transition, we wanted to let go of the old year by putting another piece in its place.

If it is true that as with all companies that work, Efit over the years has grown and evolved in the variety of products made available to the customer and also in the attention to detail and packaging, it is also true that it remains firmly established. the heart of its production.
As in the case of the logo, renewed in shape but conceptually rooted in the original image of the lotus and its meaning, the company also maintains the primary meaning of original production of Fluid Extracts.

Why Fluid Extracts?
To fully understand the reason for some choices we must always keep in mind that psyche and body should not be treated as separate entities. In fact, the body is not a mechanistic set of organs that work autonomously without communication, but a system made up of connections closely linked to the mind. Consequently, physical problems are not very distinct from psychic ones.

Illness is not a pure accident, a random disorder without a why, but ultimately expresses the repressed, feared, set aside aspects of one's life.
We must therefore not limit ourselves to fighting it: we must first of all understand it.

Thorwald Dethlefsen (1946 - 2010)
German psychotherapist and philosopher

Fluid Extracts therefore remain the deepest root of the company precisely because they represent the enhancement of the richness of nature to offer the best solutions to the needs of the individual. In fact, each with its properties, they act precisely on physical discomforts but also on emotional and problematic states related to their mismanagement.

What are Fluid Extracts?

The Fluid Extracts are produced ad high concentration of stable active ingredients, obtained from dried medicinal plants, scrupulously selected.
From one kg of raw material, pulped in an alcohol-water solvent mixture, one kg of extract is obtained with suitable methods (extraction ratio 1: 1).

The Fluid Extracts (French codex 1976) of the line are prepared starting from the dry plant (therefore with all the transformation of the various substances by air-oxygen) and are the result of two subsequent leaching by concentration of the second percolation. The two solutions are then mixed in such a way as to obtain an extract whose weight corresponds exactly to the weight of the dry drug used: 1/1.

  • Arctium Lappa
  • Black Cohosh Racemosa
  • Schisandra
  • Angelica Archangelica

What's the difference with Mother Tincture?

Sometimes we tend to confuse fluid extracts (E.F.) with mother tinctures (T.M.).
Here are the main differences:

  • The fluid extract is a product derived from the dry plant and pertains to phytotherapy the ratio is 1/1: we are therefore dealing with a weight-based galenic preparation.
  • The mother tincture is a product derived from the fresh plant, and is the first decimal dilution of homeopathy (1/10).
  • The daily dosage of the fluid extract, therefore, is 10 times lower than that of the mother tincture. In fact, a drop of E.F. it is equivalent to 10 drops of T.M .. This involves a double saving: the quantity of alcohol that must be taken is reduced and the cost that the patient has to face decreases in proportion.
  • The preference for E.F. is to be accorded also, and above all, for the low alcoholic strength (22 ° -27 °) compared to T.M. (from 45 ° upwards), as they can be used in pediatrics, geriatrics and in all those subjects who have more or less manifest pathologies in the liver, pancreatic, gastric and digestive tract in general. They also do not create problems of toxicity and intolerance. The E.F. they are generally clear or slightly opalescent and dark in color.

Technical information

The average dosage varies, depending on the case, from 15 to 20 drops 3 times a day, after meals (except in special cases).

Each batch of medicinal plant of the line is accompanied by a certificate of analysis which indicates the titration, the part used, the organoleptic characteristics, the solvent and the extraction ratio, the alcohol content related to that preparation, the absence of harmful alcohol. (methanol and propanol) and spectrophotometric examination, according to identification by HPLC or CCM.
Nutritional information by the Zooprophylactic Institute of Umbria and Marche is also highlighted.


November 2019

In Sicily, on the Madonie, Manna is obtained from the incision of the trunk of the Fraxinus Ornus and appears as a whitish substance with a sweet taste, rich in inulin (a substance similar to starch). Manna, in its various qualities, is harvested in the summer by the ash growers.

September 2019

Food supplement based on plant extracts. Baptisia and Uncaria favor the body's natural defenses.

March 2019

New Benoit Gemmoderivati ​​Line

September 2018

Alchemy Benoit's liquid food supplements are in the form of Fluid extracts, designed and conceived in order to provide a concentrate of plant extracts. They are non-alcoholic, to be able to give a product ... Those instead in tablets are designed and conceived in order to provide a concentrate of plant extracts and powder ...

July 2018

Alchimia Benoit's liquid food supplements are in the form of Fluid Extracts, designed and conceived in order to provide a concentrate of plant extracts. They are non-alcoholic, in order to give a suitable product aimed at all consumers such as children from 3 years of age, the elderly who ...

May 2018

Glutam Ben is made up of Lactobacillus salivarius, Bifidobacterium bifidum and Lactobacillus acidophilus selected and typed indicated for increasing the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.

April 2018

Discover the new cosmetic line of body oils

March 2018

Benoit food supplements have been studied and conceived in order to provide a concentrate of plant extracts and powder, with a reduced content of excipients.

March 2018

ARNICA Ben Gel_ Body gel with organic plant extracts. Active, non-greasy, easily absorbed gel emulsion. CALENDULABen Cream_ Body gel with organic plant extracts. Soft, fast-absorbing cream with Calendula extract e. DOLOR Ben Cream_Based on sweet almond oil, shea butter, arnica, devil's claw and hypericum. Ideal for those who practice sports.

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