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Suburban area layout

Garden, cottage, vegetable garden For a high harvest, we have a large plot and it is difficult to realize everything in one season, so we divided it into zones and just over the summer we are making every effort to do what is needed. This year, for example, trees and shrubs were planted, otherwise it was necessary for a long time, but our hands did not reach. We expect the first harvest in a couple of years.

Where to start arranging a new site

First of all, take a closer look at the relief, the plantings that have survived on the site, the reservoir (if any). Do not immediately uproot everything and level the ground. Who said that the new suburban area should be a bare flat surface? Competent planning of the suburban area will help to make the rise and fall of the dignity of the area, and not its disadvantage. Is the terrain uneven? Plan the plot as terraces. Then in the future you will be delighted not only with a high harvest, but also with an original landscape. After all, water is maintained on the terraces, and the soil is not washed off. Immediately determine the place for the construction of a residential building and outbuildings. What kind of outbuildings will they have? Will these be separate premises, or interlocked into one? Think about where you will keep pets and birds, store garden tools, where there will be a carport or garage, shower, toilet.

Secrets of competent planning of a summer cottage

On any summer cottage, the following functional zones are distinguished: a living area (house), backyard and outbuildings (utility block, cellar, garage, kitchen, basement, well) recreation area (playground, pool, bathhouse, shower, garden gazebo) zone (beds, flower beds, greenhouses).

Before proceeding with the development of the site, study the normative literature, familiarize yourself with the "Regulations on gardening, summer cottages and individual construction." Here are indicated the maximum permissible dimensions of the area of ​​houses and outbuildings, the procedure for allocating land plots for buildings of various categories (garden, country, individual houses, cottages) is determined. From the documents, you can find out who controls individual construction and takes into operation houses and buildings, the procedure for conducting a technical inventory and legal registration of buildings. The document "Basic standards for the design of territories with buildings of various categories" indicates what should be the distances between buildings and how they should be located relative to the boundaries of the site, taking into account sanitary and fire safety rules. Start planning only after a detailed study of the regulatory documentation in order to avoid problems with the law in the future.

How to plan a plot of 6-8 acres

On such a plot there should be enough space for a house with a garage, and for outbuildings, and for a garden with a vegetable garden, and for a green lawn with flower beds, and for a playground, and for compost heaps, and for a barbecue. 30 sq. meters of greenhouses and 70 sq. meters of beds can fully satisfy the needs of your family in vegetables and fruits (except for potatoes). Large and spreading fruit trees are best placed closer to the northern side of the site. And if you plant an apple tree or other decorative barren tree on the east side, in summer you will have a good shaded place to relax. Small fruit and ornamental trees will look great between the house and the street. The southern wall of a house or garage is the best place for heat-loving plants (such as grapes). A great place for spices is the porch garden. Separate the rest area from the compost heaps with shrubs. Then the heaps will not be visible from the veranda and from the house. A thin raspberry tree is usually planted along the southern edge of the site. It is better to place the lawn and playground next to the house. After all, children spend most of their time on the street, so it is important that they are constantly in sight. Next to the playground, you can organize a children's bed. Do not forget to leave a place for a barbecue at the edge of the lawn. Decorate the space around the house with flowers or a lawn.

Where to build a house: choosing a place for a residential area

It depends on many characteristics of the site. In particular, on its shape, relief, groundwater level. If the plot is on a southern elephant, it is better to build a house on the highest place, if the plot is narrow, build a house on the shortest border. The drop to the north is the least successful site. But even on this you can create comfort and coziness. In this case, the house is being built closer to the border, possibly on a bedding, in the middle of the slope.

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