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When we talk about fountains in our classic Italian garden, in most cases they are monumental works that become an important element of outdoor furniture. In the Zen garden, on the other hand, we find a completely different fountain, which represents a very important element because the sound it emits also helps to relax.

How to choose it

The Zen fountain is a rather important piece of furniture for the Zen garden that absolutely does not require an enormous space available for installation. First of all it must be emphasized that it is essentially composed of natural elements. In fact, in most cases the water flows from a bamboo cane and is collected in a container below, producing a continuous sound that animates the garden and makes it even more like a completely open green space. The flowing water can also fall on stones that sometimes become the decorative element of the fountain itself. The shape appears rather essential, rigorous and minimalist, as indeed is the rest of the garden. The models of Zen fountain to choose from are different from each other. We begin our journey starting from the fountain made with a series of stones that form the basin to collect the water and a bamboo cane that is used as a tap. In this case, the fountain blends perfectly into the green foliage, and becomes one with nature. Other models present it made of stone, where the water flows from the top and then falls back onto a column and is collected at the base. The Zen fountain alone is able to occupy and furnish a certain space making it perfectly harmonious. The use of stones is recurrent, also because it is a rather important natural element within the Zen garden. Zen fountains are sold already assembled and only in the case of larger versions must the customer install them. Anyone wishing to create a customized Zen fountain can start the project starting from a drawing. The materials do not even have to be purchased because they are found directly in nature. It is enough to collect stones of the appropriate size and a bamboo cane. With a minimum of skill and imagination it will be possible to make the fountain. In this case the fountain can also be decorated laterally, but be careful not to overdo it otherwise it would deviate too much from the Zen style. To get an idea of ​​the type of Zen fountain to build, always consult magazines in such a way as to scrupulously adhere to the original fountains.

Where to buy

The Zen fountain can be purchased at retail stores of furnishing accessories for Zen gardens, and only in the best-stocked shops can this version be found, together with the classic fountains. The Zen garden has only recently begun to be known in Italy and this justifies the fact that not all outdoor furniture stores still display the Zen fountain among their models. In any case, on the internet it is possible to find interesting solutions that can be purchased directly from the site. It is, in fact, an excellent opportunity because you place the order from the comfort of your own home. The customer views the Zen fountain through a series of photos and, after ordering it, receives confirmation for order fulfillment. Should a malfunction occur, the zen fountain must be sent back in the manner shown on the site to obtain a refund.


The cost of the Zen fountain varies according to the quality of the materials with which it was made. Those who will try their hand at a personal realization will have to look for only some natural elements and assemble them together. To find out the cost of a Zen fountain, you must go to a specialized store and if there is no model on display that meets your needs, ask the retailer if it is possible to order it. To have an original fountain that is produced in the East, one must be willing to pay a larger sum. On the internet you have the convenience of being able to compare different models based on price and then choose to buy the one that seems to be the most suitable for your budget. Furthermore, it is a rather important decorative element of the Zen garden, so it is always essential to have one. Furthermore, those who rely on a gardener specialized in creating Zen gardens will not have to worry because he himself will be able to show him where to buy the Zen fountain.

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Finally all the advice you need, to better address a niche topic, such as that relating to Zen gardens, with a particular focus on a factor that in our opinion makes the difference in the furnishing process of your green corner: obvious and the reference to a factor such as that of Zen fountains is taken for granted.

In a situation like the one we are describing to you, in fact, you will have to take into consideration some aspects, such as the function of these fountains, focused on the attempt to always produce relaxing noises for all of us. Not to forget, then, the very small size and a material of construction, as in the case of bamboo canes, often essential.

Video: Zen Fountain Water Sounds. for Relaxation, Studying, Sleeping or Meditation. 10 Hours

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