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Hazelnut or hazel Is a perennial shrub plant. It is found mainly in the forest, but there are hardly any gardeners who would not want to grow hazelnuts in their area.

Form and applications of Fitosporin-M

The drug is available in the form of dry powder, paste and water emulsion. The release form affects the dosage and speed of preparation of the working solution. For example: the paste dissolves much faster than the powder, but is inferior in this indicator to the liquid preparation. At the same time, the effectiveness of the product practically does not change.

Treatment with Fitosporin solution is not recommended in the rain. At least 3 hours should elapse after precipitation and before the start of work. Also, do not spray plants in sunny weather, because too bright light kills the bacteria of the hay bacillus.

The drug gives a lasting effect only with systemic use. Therefore, it is necessary to spray / water at the root of the crop throughout the season, observing the recommended intervals.

Powder Fitosporin

The preparation in powder form is effective both for the prevention of diseases and for the treatment of already diseased plants. It has a long shelf life after opening the package without losing its fungicidal properties. You can easily measure out the right amount of dry matter, and leave the rest for next time. According to the instructions for use of Fitosporin, it should be diluted 1-2 hours before the planned treatment. The finished solution is stored for a maximum of 6 hours, however, its useful characteristics gradually weaken.

In 1 tsp. contains 3-3.5 g of Fitosporin powder.

7 days after disembarkation, re-processing - after 2-3 weeks

There are specialized series of preparations for various crops, for example (Fitosporin-M Cucumbers, Fitosporin-M Tomatoes, etc.). You can use them for other plants. But it should be understood that these funds additionally include trace elements necessary for the growth of the culture indicated on the package.

Fitosporin paste

The main difference between Fitosporin-M in the form of a paste is that it contains a large amount of humic substances. Due to this, the period of its action is longer than that of the powder. However, it is suitable, first of all, for the prevention and strengthening of plant immunity. The effectiveness of the paste in the treatment of infected plants is lower.

Most of the questions arise with how to dilute Fitosporin paste. The first step is to prepare the concentrate (mother liquor), and only then the working solution. The stock solution can be stored for up to 4 years, and the diluted working solution can be stored for a maximum of 6 hours.

To obtain a concentrate, the paste is diluted in a 1: 2 ratio. In turn, the dosage for the working solution depends on which plant and how you plan to process.

Culture Processing method Concentrate consumption
Tubers and bulbs spraying 3 tablespoons / 1 glass of water
Seeds soak 2 drops / 0.5 glass of water
Cuttings sinking roots 4 drops / 1 glass of water
Green mass of plants, fruit trees spraying on a leaf 3 tsp / 10 l of water
Houseplants spraying 10 drops / 1 liter of water
watering at the root 15 drops / 1 liter of water

Fitosporin-M with Gumi additives is recommended for use at the initial stage of plant development, for example, for soaking seeds and plant roots, processing seedlings, etc.

Aqueous suspension of Fitosporin

Liquid Fitosporin is a concentrated working solution that is most often used for spraying on leaves (including indoor plants), as well as for spraying fruits before storing them. Most often, the suspension is used precisely by flower growers who breed indoor or greenhouse decorative leafy or decorative flowering crops. However, specialized series for seedlings, as well as vegetable and fruit crops are also on sale.

Dilute liquid Fitosporin at the rate of 10 drops per 100 ml of water for prophylaxis or for treatment at the initial stage of the disease. The prepared diluted solution is also suitable for soaking seeds and rooting cuttings. In case of severe damage to cultures, the drug is diluted in a ratio of 1: 2. Re-processing in both cases is carried out after 10 days.

Another Fitosporin-M preparation, "Reanimator", is also produced in liquid form. It should be used for already diseased plants, according to the instructions on the package. It additionally contains amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and antibiotics of natural origin, which successfully dissolve the cell walls of pathogens.

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