Gardeners Club "Green Gift in" Suzdalsky "

Address of the recreation center "Suzdalsky": St. Petersburg, Suzdal prospect, 3, building 1
Tel .: (812) 515-66-89
Director of the House of Culture Suzdalsky: Lapteva T.N.,
Email: [email protected]

Head of the Green Gift club in Suzdalsky:
Galina Ivanovna Fomicheva, tel .: +7 (904) 613-90-48
E-mail: [email protected]

Headman gardeners club Lazarev G.V.
Deputy Head club Vasilyeva E.S.
Year of foundation club - 2003
Honorary Members club:
- Andrey Alekseevich Komarov: full member of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Life Safety, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, President of the Green Dar clubs in St. Petersburg;
- Luiza Nilovna Klimtseva: agronomist since 1957, member of the production school (5 years), numerous publications and radio appearances.
- Tatyana Nikolaevna Kozhanova: candidate of agricultural sciences
- Larisa Vasilievna Ermolaeva: candidate of biological sciences
- Valentina Vasilievna Perezhogina: candidate of agricultural sciences

Club mission:

- conscious environmentally friendly farming
- dissemination of Knowledge about the Earth and Agriculture
- uniting like-minded people in order to popularize the latest achievements of the exchange of experience and education of love, knowledge, culture in relations with the environment. "Earth is our home"

Activities of the club:

- Lecture work
- Literary living room
- Wellness direction
- Trips - Participation in the events of the Suzdal Palace of Culture and exhibitions of the city

Festive events in the Suzdalsky Palace of Culture: Harvest Festival "Golden Autumn", Day of the 70th anniversary of Victory

We invite you to lectures:
01.27 - Grapes in the North-West, L. N. Klimtseva
27.01 11:00 - lecture by Rubtsova Olga Vyacheslavovna "Blueberry"
10.02 11:00 - Rubtsova O.V. "Three harvests per season - greenhouse crops"
02.24 11:00 - Rubtsova O.V. "Potato", "Leek"
Registration by phone: Tel. +7 (904) 613-90-48
The cost of one lecture is 150 rubles.

Watch the video: Garden Club Week 3: Arugula

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