Suburban water supply - water supply, heating and sewerage systems in the Leningrad region

Sale and installation of water supply, sewerage and heating systems of country houses

Installation of water supply systems in country houses

To make life in the country as comfortable as possible, your country house should be equipped with a modern water supply system, including: a water source - a well or a well; pump supplying water; hydraulic accumulator that generates pressure and controls the pump, filtration system; a boiler that heats water for consumption and for heating premises; and the water supply itself is a collector system that supplies water to various rooms.

A modern water supply system, even in a small house, is a complex engineering system, the installation of which requires knowledge, experience, special equipment and professional design, and it is safe to say that an attempt to do this work on your own is likely to ultimately lead to a strong increase in the estimate.

Plumbing work in country houses

Plumbing work in a country house often significantly differs from carrying out similar manipulations in a city house - whether it is installing a toilet bowl or installing a warm floor. The reason for this is the many differences in the operating conditions of plumbing equipment, among which, first of all, it should be noted a strong difference in the pressure of the supplied water and sharp temperature drops in a country house, especially in winter, when the house is heated and then freezes.

These and many other, less noticeable nuances impose a number of specific requirements for the most "suburban" plumbing and the rules for its installation. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, it is also better to entrust this work to professionals.

Septic tanks and autonomous sewers

Times change, and so do we. We have become effeminate, we love comfort, and we put more emphasis on aesthetics. Running to the toilet, especially in the cold season, to the other end of the site, sometimes seems to be a real feat, which you will not immediately decide on, and the appearance of the old-fashioned "place of solitude" often simply does not fit into the modern concept of suburban ownership.

The way out is a septic tank or an autonomous sewage system, whose modern systems will qualitatively change your life in the country, making it much more comfortable. You will forget about unpleasant smells, sewer trucks and "jogging in the frost"

The Zagorodnoye Vodosnabzhenie company offers a large selection of septic tanks and autonomous sewerage systems with turnkey installation and a guarantee for all work performed. We will select and install the model that best suits your particular conditions, based on a number of factors: seasonality of residence, number of residents, serviced equipment, soil characteristics and relief of your site, and finally, your material capabilities

Digging wells

The water source on the site is one of the main factors of living, and if the installation of modern water supply systems for many seems so far an unnecessary or unaffordable luxury, then the creation of a water source is an absolutely necessary thing, even if there are collective wells in the gardening (cooperative, partnership of owners) , since most of them do not work during the cold season.

The Zagorodnoye Vodosnabzhenie company offers a full range of services for creating a well on your site from finding water, determining the required aquifer - this is done by drilling prospecting wells - to building a turnkey well.

When drilling prospecting wells, hydrogeological studies of soil and groundwater are carried out in parallel, allowing you to absolutely accurately select the most suitable place for a well in a specific area, which in the future is a guarantee of maintaining the verticality of the well.

The most common way to build a well is to use reinforced concrete rings. At your request, the well can also be equipped with insulation, pumping equipment and automation for water supply at home.

Drainage of the suburban area and the installation of storm sewers

For the Leningrad region, excessive humidity, close standing groundwater, frequent rains are common phenomena. Together, they have a destructive effect on buildings, soil, paths, plantings and the appearance of your country estate.

Washing out of soil from under the foundation, followed by subsidence of the house, destruction of paths, death of ornamental and fruit plants, destruction of foundations under strong pressure expanding soil saturated with moisture during freezing - all this is just the upper part of the iceberg of problems caused by an excess of moisture on the site - problems from which You will be reliably protected by a professionally built drainage system.

The Zagorodnoye Vodosnabzhenie company has everything you need - professional knowledge, rich experience, modern equipment, in order not only to carry out high-quality drainage of your site, but also to do it at a reasonable price.

We are ready to carry out the whole range of works on the creation of a drainage system from project development to turnkey commissioning, both before the construction of buildings on the site, and after.

Heating of a country house: boiler room, radiators, underfloor heating, automation

This is a whole range of works, including:
- Installation of the boiler and boiler room. We install any type of boilers: single-circuit, double-circuit, on the wall, on the floor; draw conclusions of conventional and coaxial chimneys.

We use the most modern equipment: collector groups, indirect hot water boilers, circulation pumps and pumping groups of well-known brands

- Layout of heating pipes

- Installation of radiators
We carry out installation of all types of radiators: aluminum, bimetallic, steel and tubular. We use polypropylene pipes with reinforcement for radiator heating, we lay any pipelines for underfloor heating

- Installation of underfloor heating:
heated by circulating water through pipes installed in the floor (we use pipes made of cross-linked polyethylene) and floors heated by electric heaters: warm mats, infrared mats, etc.

Cellars Kellari

We offer Kellari cellars in various sizes from homogeneous polypropylene with delivery and installation.

Czech-made polypropylene practically does not deform from static loads, welds provide 98% of the strength of polypropylene itself, which ensures long-term operation of the cellar, without loss of working qualities and damage to its appearance.

Kellari cellars fully comply with the requirements of GOST 12.2.003-91 and significantly more stringent European DVS protocols of the German Welding Association.

Automatic irrigation systems

These systems have long been no longer exotic, but a reliable assistant at the summer cottage, saving you from regular routine work.

Now there are so many well-known and reliable models of different brands on the market that it is not so much the name of the brand used that is of decisive importance, but the quality of the installation of the system on site.

The septic tank is considered to be a highly efficient, self-contained underground wastewater treatment plant that allows you to treat and dispose of domestic wastewater in places where there is no centralized sewage system, for example, in rural areas. Today, installation of sewerage systems for a private house in Stavropol can be done without any problems in the company ...

One of the equipment options that solves the serious problem of water supply for private housing construction is a pumping station. It is used for water supply of the house system with water from an autonomous source. We will tell you how to choose a pumping station in Stavropol for the organization of an external water supply.




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    Most unused dark lofts can be converted into cozy and light attic spaces. How? Install modern skylights.

    By the way, Rehau roof windows are excellent Show in full. suitable for installation in ready-made roofs without additional effort, because they can be of any size, up to 3.2 m in length and width. The integrity of the roof is not disturbed during installation, the rafter system remains unchanged.

    Rehau roof windows are made on the basis of a strong and durable metal-plastic profile. They are absolutely not afraid of dampness and, unlike their wooden counterparts, are suitable for installation in rooms with high humidity: swimming pools, kitchens, bathrooms and unheated attics. Elegant and lightweight designs fit perfectly into any style solutions for roofs and attic interiors.

    We - the company "Summer Garden" - are engaged in the production and installation of Rehau roof windows throughout Russia.

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    What does not suit heating boilers. (according to the opinions of ordinary people)
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    1. You need to be a fireman. Toss every 3-5 hours. It is necessary to get up at night, additionally throw up. You need to buy additional equipment to increase the burning time or a lot of automation to be sure of safety.
    2. Unjustified price, something needs to be purchased or updated electronics.
    3. A lot of automation, difficult to understand.
    4. Some boilers are picky about fuel or only need one type of fuel, the second is not suitable.
    5. No versatility.
    6. Expensive components and repairs.
    7. There are many offers on the market, but in fact, all the same difference, only in additional kits and a set of electronics. It is enough to read the passport and make a comparison.

    There are many more answers to this survey. If anyone wants to add something, write in the comments.
    Electricity is EXPENSIVE.
    Gas - in many regions it WILL NOT BE VERY LONG yet, and where it is, the connection and maintenance does not justify the use.
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    Solid fuel boilers - opinions above.
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    Solofit refers to special pumping sewage units, the task of which is to pump waste waste through sewer pipes in places where it is impossible to connect the units to the riser at the desired slope. Solofit works simply: the pump draws the drain into the tank through the filter, the teeth of the device grind large particles of the drain, and then they move into the outlet ...

    Removing water from your home is important for many reasons. It eliminates foundation erosion, prevents foundation flooding and soil deterioration. It is equally important to ensure proper drainage as well as a drainage point.

    You can drain rainwater in different ways using:

    1. Storm runoff,
    2. Grooves,
    3. Extension cords ...

    1-storey house, 76 m²

    Land plot of 18 acres, for individual housing construction, the perimeter of the plot is fenced with a net - a chain-link, on the territory of the plot there is a capital structure, a one-story house, there is an approved project of this house in two floors. The house has a ring, reinforced, seismic belt - the foundation. The house is made of building material - cinder block, from the outside the walls of the house are covered with building material - caroed. The roof, the house is covered with metal sheets of flooring, red.The internal layout of the house consists of an entrance hall with an area of ​​6 squares, in fine finish, a kitchen, with an area of ​​10.56 squares, in a fine finish, a bathroom, with an area of ​​5.70 squares, in pre-finishing, combined, a living room, with an area of ​​32 , 4 squares, in fine finish, no interior doors. The total area of ​​the house is 76 square meters. Radiators of batteries are located along the perimeter of the inner premises of the house, electricity and sewerage are wired. The windows of the house are double-glazed windows, white. The septic tank is circular, composed of two concrete rings, covered with a concrete slab on the upper side, there is a control hatch, round, made of polyurethane. Electricity is connected to the building of the house, water supply pipes are laid underground, which come from a well fed to the central water supply, it remains to connect a meter. The house has a dry basement, in which there is a site for installing a boiler for the heating system, pipes of the heating system of the house are connected to this place. The perimeter of the courtyard of the household is fenced with a netting - a chain-link, on the territory of the courtyard there are several fruit trees and a large area of ​​free space adapted for a garden, a vegetable garden, or additional buildings.

    Gas supply in the cottage village "Raspberry evenings"

    The cottage village "Raspberry evenings" is designed for permanent year-round living. That is why, we paid special attention to the heating of residential buildings and supplied the main gas to each land plot. The use of main gas is the most economical, safest and most convenient way to heat a country house in cottage settlements. Gas supply of residential country houses in the cottage village "Raspberry evenings" is carried out from its own gas pipeline, which is fully built and put into operation.

    Country houses in the cottage village Raspberry evenings are connected to the main gas.

    Gas supply of the cottage village Raspberry evenings is made from its own supply gas pipeline

    Country houses in the cottage village Raspberry evenings are connected to the main gas.

    Maintenance of the gas distribution point in the cottage village Raspberry evenings

    Intra-settlement gas networks have been laid underground.

    How does a modern water supply work?

    An owner who wants to build a house from scratch, bring to mind a neglected structure, or just keep the whole situation on the site under control, it is imperative to know how the water supply works. Over the past decades, this system has become so firmly established in our life that without it it is almost impossible to imagine a normal existence, so understanding the principles of functioning, and even repair, is quite useful information that everyone needs.

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