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Giving flowers, one of the most beautiful and poetic gestures a person can do. There are many occasions in which you can give flowers, beautiful bouquets or floral compositions, but sometimes we are undecided about their choice, we wonder which ones may be the most suitable for that particular and specific moment. Almost all of us know that each flower is given a meaning, so we must pay attention to what we give and in what situation, in order to avoid making petty figures. Yes they can give flowers to express a feeling, for a wish, to remember an anniversary or simply to give something beautiful and pleasant to a friend, parent, relative or loved one. If you give flowers, you will almost always do something pleasing to those who receive them; however, there is a small etiquette that can be very useful in the choice to be made. For example, ... continue

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continue ..., if you want to give flowers to a person you do not particularly know, it will be the case to drop your choice on a balcony plant; if, on the other hand, the recipient was a bride, a beautiful bouquet of peach flowers or a log of happiness is recommended, a symbol of good luck, joy and happiness. For men, in case they want to make a floral gift to their beloved, there is nothing more suitable than a beautiful bouquet of red roses; in this case it would be better if the number of roses were odd.

When it comes to giving flowers, the thought immediately goes to a female person, this is obvious, but also men can be given these beautiful and variegated vegetal beings as a gift; in this case, flowers with strong and energetic colors such as red, yellow or orange should be preferred to delicate ones with a romantic meaning and soft colors; for example, tulips, sterlitias, roses are also fine as long as they are bright colors. A very important thing to keep in mind when giving flowers to a man is the packaging phase; it would be better to avoid silk or velvet ribbons and instead opt for a cotton ribbon that reflects the main color of the flowers. If you don't really know about flowers but you absolutely have to make a gift of this kind, trust your florist or nurseryman with confidence, he will be able to advise you in the right way and will make you look good.

When giving flowers, you need to pay some attention, but this gesture is so beautiful and delicate that anyone who receives it will be happy and pleasantly impressed.

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