6 ways to recycle remnants and save money on it

Few people use soap to the end. Most often, small pieces remain that are simply thrown away. However, you can save a little and apply them in everyday life.

Liquid soap

Unnecessary soap residues can be used to make a fragrant liquid detergent. To do this, you need hot water and glycerin, cut the remnants into small pieces or break them by hand. After the pieces dissolve in the water, pour the liquid into a dispenser bottle and add the glycerin. For 200 grams of remnants, 5-7 drops of the product are needed. After that, shake the bottle well and leave until the particles are completely dissolved. From time to time, the liquid soap will have to be shaken to prevent clogging of the dispenser.

Outdoor soap

If you have a summer cottage or a private house, then soap for the street will definitely come in handy. Instead of constantly taking off your shoes and going home, you can simply use the outdoor washstand. Place the rest of the soap in a nylon stocking so that debris and dirt will not stick to them, and hang it near the washbasin. Thus, you will save your time and money for buying a new hand cleaner.


With a bit of ingenuity, you can make a shower scrubber out of unwanted remnants and a nylon sock by filling it with soapy bits and tying it tightly. It is very convenient to rub the body with such a homemade washcloth. At the same time, it lasts for a long time, since the soap can be reported, and the sock can always be replaced if it breaks.


All children love soap bubbles. If the purchased liquid has run out, it is very easy to make a new one from the remnants at home. Mix a tablespoon of glycerin, a teaspoon of granulated sugar and a few bars of soap in a jar and shake thoroughly. If the consistency is too thick or foamy, simply dilute it with water.


Soap residue can serve as a light glue. Use this method when you need to, for example, glue Christmas snowflakes or other decorations to the window. In the same way, it is easy to stick paper on windows for insulation - you do not need any special glue or tape. Simply grease paper or cloth tapes with soapy water. Traces from it are subsequently easily removed with a damp cloth.


Mold or dampness may appear in the closet over time, especially in the country. Because of them, things acquire an unpleasant odor, which is then difficult to remove. To get rid of it quickly and for a long time, use remnants as a fragrance. You can put a few small pieces between stacks of clothes or put them in special cotton bags - there you will get a real aromatic sachet. Thanks to soap, your clothes will always have a pleasant and fresh scent.

How to water a tree so that it dries quickly: effective methods and useful tips

The problem of removing unnecessary, overgrown trees is familiar not only to gardeners. Among the residents of high-rise buildings, there are enough of those who suffer from allergies during the flowering period of poplar, birch, maple, acacia, willow. They shade windows, throw leaves and insects, broken branches on balconies and terraces.

The chemical industry makes it possible to solve the problem without the use of special equipment. If you know how to water a tree so that it dries quickly, you can successfully get rid of problems.

How to feed plants with baking soda

For the gardener, the summer season is a special time when he needs to deal with pests. Various weather conditions allow the use of sodium bicarbonate or popularly baking soda.

The created advantages, which are obtained only when purchasing the most expensive chemical additives, immediately solve a set of problems. The effect is due to the interaction of different components in the chemical composition.

Baking soda is a complex compound made up of several elements. The chemical name is NaHCO3. As can be seen from the formula, several active compounds are present. They help fight so many things, especially when it comes to different crops, plant species.

A person can easily protect their garden and vegetable garden with baking soda. Here are the ways that really help!

Those who are engaged in the cultivation of berry crops are familiar with the scourge of powdery mildew. In order to fully combat it, people buy expensive fungicides.

In a relatively short time, this ailment is destroyed on the leaves. Gooseberry, currant, raspberry and blackberry plants lend themselves particularly well. For this, baking soda is diluted. The ratio is 4 tablespoons to 10 liters of water.

All processing is pouring over the crown of plants. The procedure begins at dusk. The alternation occurs after eight days.

Aid for vegetable crops is very often observed. The main advantage is complete safety for others. Therefore, it is effective to use it precisely during the ripening of the fruit.

Decor with a bias towards practicality ↑

If you want to equip a place under the shade of fruit trees to communicate with guests, you will not find a better idea than installing a gazebo. Choose models made of wood, not synthetic materials - they look noble and fit organically into the atmosphere of any garden. In the garden, you can also make a mini-gazebo for a break from work, or you can find an unusual greenhouse of a creative form.

Furniture is a good way to ennoble at least a garden, even a dacha, and it will come in handy on a garden plot. A wrought-iron bench or stylized chairs and tables will add sophistication and sophistication to the territory, especially if you combine such furniture with a green fence or a canopy of fresh flowers. So you solve two problems at once: the household item will serve as an element of decor.

The first thing that catches the guests' eyes is the fence. Therefore, you also need to think about decorating it. Protection from prying eyes and intruders is important, but a fence can also serve more than just practical purposes.

Use curly mesh, metal fantasy elements. The fence can be landscaped with girlish grapes, the same ivy or roses. If your fence is solid, paint it with bright colors, ornaments and floral designs.

DIY liquid soap from remnants

Hot water 100-150 milliliters (depends on how thick you want)

Glycerin 3 tablespoons

Lemon juice 1 teaspoon

Cooking container (any plastic bottle with a lid will do)

A bottle with a dispenser (it is possible from under the old ZhM)

Liquid recipe soap from remnants not difficult, but the preparation stretches for a single day. To begin with, we take a bottle, throw in some soap crumbs and fill it with boiling water, add glycerin and lemon juice, shake well. Other additives can be used in place of juice, but for liquid soap I think it works best. Next, you need to let the crumbs melt and infuse, and this will take 2-3 days. Twice a day (morning and evening), you need to shake the bottle properly so that the liquid is homogeneous. After that, we pour the finished soap into a bottle with a dispenser and use it as directed.

Now you know what to do with toilet soap remnants, how to make a bar of soap from them, as well as a pleasant liquid. Subscribe to our Vkontakte group and always be aware of new life hacks and other useful things.

Finally, I post a video with an example of soap making.

The zealous housewives are in no hurry to send remnants to the trash bin, but use them in business. There are many applications. You can, for example, dig up the remains of the soap and make a new bar, liquid soap, or bubble bath out of them.

What do the experts say?

In relation to this group of chemicals, the opinion of specialists is the following. They recognize their effectiveness, but warn against getting too carried away with these remedies. They consider the use in large areas to be justified (for example, potato or corn fields).

But for small areas, especially with the fruit trees and berry bushes present on them, in this case it is better to look for an alternative in the form of other agrotechnical methods.

Do not dig up the ground before applying herbicides! Dense soil prevents the spread of poison in depth, to the roots of fruit trees, berry bushes and other crops with a well-developed root system.

New from the beauty industry

What is this novelty? This is an epilator with new features! The developers made sure that every woman could adapt this device for herself.

  • has a decent appearance,
  • operates in several modes,
  • goes to the set speeds,
  • completely removes hairs, they begin to grow back only after 30 days,
  • the skin becomes clean, well-groomed.

The only drawback is painful sensations. But the manufacturers took care of women here too, supplying the device with gloves with a cooling gel, a stream of cool air, and massage brushes.

There are epilators that can work in water to make the soreness less noticeable. And there are, equipped with a trimmer - a nozzle for artistic haircuts in the intimate area.

For the bikini area, there are special attachments that reduce the number of tweezers used, which means that they reduce the number of trapped hairs and reduce pain.

The battery-powered epilator can be taken with you on vacation, on a business trip, so that you always feel well-groomed and therefore confident!

You probably know yourself that hair removal is an unpleasant procedure, but you cannot do without it. Choose what suits you best and forward, summer is in full swing!

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