Dynamic retractable sprinklers

What are

The concealed dynamic sprinklers are also used for large surfaces, essentially they are recommended for irrigating residential green areas because the rotating jet allows to cover a rather large surface.


The dynamic retractable sprinkler is the variant to the static concealed sprinkler, since the latter has significantly different characteristics compared to the irrigation mode that the dynamic model can offer. The dynamic retractable sprinkler is used for the construction of underground irrigation systems, a specific feature that distinguishes it from other models and which offers the possibility of having a reduced water consumption. The rotating jet covers the entire surface adequately, preventing the water from returning to water the same space. The choice of this particular model is also suitable for spaces that are not only commercial but also public because here, being the presence of large greenery, it is the most suitable solution. The dynamic retractable turbine sprinkler version is suitable for very large gardens and guarantees low water consumption. The nozzles are interchangeable and this allows for different types of water precipitation, while the anti-drainage valve prevents water stagnation in the hilly areas. These are specific characteristics that not all dynamic concealed sprinkler models have, so the customer must be perfectly informed so that he can choose the most suitable one. Only by purchasing the sprinkler that actually corresponds to the needs of the garden can you combine the possibility of having a reduced water consumption, but above all good irrigation of the entire space. By connecting the underground irrigation system to an automatism, it is possible to program irrigation without the customer being always present at home. In this way, the garden daily receives the adequate amount of water needed for watering, and all the plants are perfectly irrigated. The quantity of water must be changed only with the arrival of the winter period, when the rains are also quite abundant.

How to choose it

The dynamic retractable sprinkler can be chosen in different heights, with anti-vandalism system or with different nozzles. It is basically a choice that the customer must make personally based on the model he wants to buy. Going to a specialized shop you will realize how wide the choice is. The same applies if you want to make the purchase directly on the internet. The elements necessary for the construction of an underground irrigation system must be perfectly known by the customer who wishes to try his hand at this do-it-yourself work. The choice must not be absolutely random because each type of sprinkler has specific characteristics that make it more or less suitable for a particular garden. The choice could also be recommended directly by the retailer, indicating the type of garden to be watered. Relying directly on a specialized company for the construction of an underground system, there is no risk of making a mistake in choosing the elements, and the workers themselves will buy what is necessary.

Where to buy

The dynamic retractable sprinkler can be purchased at garden or DIY stores. Here there are several models, all accompanied by a descriptive card that helps the customer to make the most suitable choice. Addressing the purchase of retractable sprinklers dynamic directly on the internet, the customer will have to be content with viewing the product only through a series of photos and above all he will have to remember to carefully read all the conditions that are reported on the site. Only in this way the customer will also be perfectly prepared in the event that a non-working sprinkler or a model that does not correspond to the description presented on the site should be delivered.


The cost of a dynamic retractable sprinkler varies according to the model chosen and it is still advisable to choose an anti-vandal model, especially if the garden does not have a fence. It is always necessary to check that the sprinkler is of good quality so that it can guarantee a rather long duration over time. Furthermore, browsing the internet it is also possible to compare the price present on the net with that present in traditional shops, it will then be the customer to decide where it is best to make the purchase.

Irrigation system: Description of the dynamic concealed sprinklers

Dynamic concealed sprinklers, as well as static ones, are used in underground irrigation systems. Their purchase is usually made when you have to do a very frequent and sometimes fast irrigation and this type of sprinkler allows this type of irrigation. Even the latter, like the previous ones, can be adjusted according to how the garden you own requires since there may be plants inside it that want a different dispersion of water and therefore they must also be adjusted in this in order to have a solution of much better watering. Its purchase can be made in specialized stores or from home on the internet.

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