Tanrek: instructions for use from aphids and the Colorado potato beetle, reviews

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For those who are looking for a broad-spectrum systemic insecticide, the material prepared by our specialists will be of interest. In this article we will give a description of the properties of Tanrek, manufactured by the Russian company August, which has proven itself well both among professionals and among amateur gardeners.

Tanrek's appointment

Tanrek is a highly effective broad-spectrum systemic enteric contact insecticide used against pests of indoor and garden plants such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, leafhoppers, flower beetles, moths, cruciferous fleas, Colorado beetles, bed bugs, cabbage flies, ground beetles, locusts and even indoor cockroaches. Tanrek is used to protect flowers, potatoes, wheat, cucumbers, tomatoes and other crops.

Tanrek's action

The active component of Tanrec is imidacloprid, which belongs to the class of neonicotinoids. Imidacloprid penetrates into plant tissues, as a result, pests feeding on these tissues stop locomotor and food activity and die within 24 hours. Tanrek destroys both adults and larvae of pests at different stages of development. The period of protective action of the drug is from two to four weeks.

Tanrek's analogs to one degree or another are the preparations Biotlin Bau, Zubr, Imidor, Kalash, Konfidor, Corado, Prestige, Monsoon, Confidelin and Comandor.

Benefits of Tanrek:

  • high systemic activity;
  • impact even on those pests that feed on the underside of the leaves;
  • the duration of the protective action;
  • efficiency in high temperature conditions;
  • photofastness and relative resistance to washing off;
  • lack of phytotoxicity and resistance;
  • profitability.

Instructions for the use of Tanrek

The drug is produced as a water-soluble concentrate in ampoules of 1, 10, 50 ml and in bottles of 100 ml. The working solution must be prepared on the day of use: it cannot be stored, so try to calculate the required amount correctly. The dose of the drug is carefully dissolved in a small amount of water, after which the working solution is diluted with water, reaching the required volume. The solution for the treatment of indoor plants, depending on the degree of damage, is at the rate of 0.3-1 ml of the drug per 1 liter of water.

CulturePestConsumption of the drug (for 10 liters of water)Solution consumptionTime of processingNumber of processingDays before harvest
Flower cropsLeafhoppers, whitefly, aphids, thrips5 ml10 l / 100 m2Growing season--
Apple treeApple blossom beetle3 ml2-5 l / 1 treeBefore flowering1 time per season7
Apple treeAphid3 ml2-5 l / 1 treeGrowing season1 time per season7
CurrantAphid3 ml0.5-1.5 l / 1 bushBefore flowering1 time per season7
PotatoesColorado beetle1 ml5l / 100m2Growing season1 time per season20
Tomatoes, cucumbers (protected ground)Whitefly, aphid5 ml10-30 l / 100 m2Growing season1 time per season3

Plants are treated with a freshly prepared solution in clear, calm weather, early in the morning or after sunset. Optimum results are achieved at an ambient temperature of 15 ºC. Tanrek is not used against ticks.

The use of the drug in accordance with the instructions does not harm the treated plants, and the alternation of Tanrec with other drugs guarantees the absence of resistance.


Tanrek is compatible with fungicides such as Skor, Topaz, Horus, Thanos, Omite, Arrivo and Bi-58 new acaricides. If necessary, it can be mixed with Fitosporin, but Tanrek's tank mixtures with drugs that have a strongly acidic or strongly alkaline reaction are contraindicated. Before mixing the preparations, it is necessary to ensure their compatibility by mixing in small doses, and if the reaction does not give a precipitate or flakes, the preparations can be combined.


Tanrek is a moderately hazardous substance for humans and warm-blooded animals (hazard class 3). In terms of resistance in soil, the drug has a 2nd hazard class, and in terms of hazard to bees - 1st class. This means that during processing, a protective zone of at least 5 kilometers must be observed, and the flight must be limited for at least 12 hours. For fish, the drug is low-toxic - it has a 2nd hazard class: Tanrek is allowed for use in fishery areas, but for birds and earthworms, the drug is toxic.

Security measures

  • Plants are processed only in protective clothing, gloves, a respirator and goggles.
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke during processing.
  • At the end of the work, you should wash your hands and face with soap, rinse your mouth, and wash and wash clothes and accessories.

First aid

The recommendations below are intended only for FIRST aid, after which you should immediately consult a doctor and follow his instructions! DO NOT TREAT YOURSELF!

  • If vomiting, nausea, weakness and malaise appear, the victim should be immediately taken to fresh air.
  • If Tanrek gets on the skin, this place must be cleaned of the drug with a cotton swab or cloth, being careful not to rub the drug. After that, you need to rinse the skin area with running water or a solution of soda.
  • If the drug is swallowed, you must take 5-6 tablets of activated carbon, drink 3 glasses of water and induce vomiting.
  • If the drug gets into the eyes, they should be rinsed open under running water for 10-15 minutes.
  • After providing first aid, you must definitely consult a doctor! There is no antidote for Tanrec, so the treatment will be symptomatic.

Storage of Tanrek

The shelf life of Tanrek is three years. The drug should not be kept near drinking water, food and medicines. It should be stored at temperatures from -25 to +35 degrees in a dry place out of the reach of children and animals. You cannot prepare the solution in a container that is planned to be used for food in the future.


Andreev: Tanrek is the best remedy in the fight against aphids on currants: pests twist the leaves, and treatment with other drugs is ineffective, and Tanrek copes, since it is a systemic drug.

Natalia: I would not say that Tanrek does not flow from plant leaves. It also flows down, especially from pubescent ones. But the drug is good, so I add flea shampoo to the solution, which helps Tanrek to cope with ticks: I drop 5 ml of shampoo on a bucket of working solution.

Nikolay: I do not know the best remedy for the Colorado potato beetle, although I have tried everything in my life. Unfortunately, in a rainy summer, you have to process potatoes more than once, because the drug is washed off. But next year I will add an adhesive to the working solution. Let's see how it goes.

Irina: Tanrek poisoned the red lily beetle that disfigured the leaves of the lilies, and on the package, the instructions about my pest were not written. However, the drug did just fine.

Tatyana: that one treatment by Tanrek is enough per season is not true. Especially during the rainy season. But the drug copes with the beetle better than any other means that I have used in the potato field year after year. So for now, Tanrek is a champion for me.

Official website and manufacturer's recommendations: http://dacha.avgust.com/catalog/tanrek-ot-koloradskogo-zhuka/


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Tanrek: instructions for use from aphids and the Colorado potato beetle, reviews - garden and vegetable garden

Tanrek is a new generation drug for the control of larvae and adults of the Colorado potato beetle.

The active substance of the preparation "Tanrek": Water-soluble concentrate 200 g / l of imidacloprid
Packing volume: 1 ml (ampoule), 10 ml (bottle), 50 ml (bottle), 100 ml (bottle)

* Has a systemic mechanism of action.
* Resistant to rain washout, provides complete protection for all parts of the plant.
It is characterized by a long period of protective action, therefore, one treatment per season is sufficient.
* Effective at both high and low temperatures.

The Colorado potato beetle is a real natural disaster, and the fight against the Colorado potato beetle in agriculture and especially in backyards and garden plots is ongoing. For several decades, Russia has been trying to find effective remedies for the Colorado potato beetle, however, existing drugs still cannot put an end to this eternal struggle.

The Colorado potato beetle is considered one of the most tenacious and chemical-resistant harmful insects. The Colorado potato beetle can spend several winters in the ground and get out in the most productive year, causing irreparable harm. At the same time, the beetle itself and its larvae are poisonous for many insects, that is, the Colorado beetle has practically no natural insect enemies (entomophages) that could reduce its number. Currently, there are various methods of extermination developed by entomologists, and even folk remedies for the Colorado potato beetle, but in most cases it is still not possible to save the potato crop from the beetle invasion.

Firm "August" offers the most effective drug against the Colorado potato beetle - Tanrek. This product does not adversely affect the planting of potatoes, does not cause addiction to insect pests, has a long-lasting protective effect and is resistant to an increase in air temperature. With Tanrek, the fight against the Colorado potato beetle goes to a new level, so there is every chance to save your crop! One treatment - protection for the whole summer!

Tanrek from aphids. Instruction.

In this thread you can leave additions and comments, reviews about your use of the drug "Tanrek" from the Colorado potato beetle.

Tanrek: instructions for use from aphids and the Colorado potato beetle, reviews - garden and vegetable garden

Tanrek from aphids. Instructions for use, maybe someone will need it, otherwise it is often difficult to find instructions. At the same time, you can share whether the drug is effective against the pests declared in the instructions.

Active ingredient Tanrek from aphids: Water-soluble concentrate 200 g / l imidacloprid
Release form: Ampoules of 1.5 ml, 1 ml (ampoule), 10 ml (bottle), 50 ml (bottle), 100 ml (bottle). Insecticide for protecting vegetable and fruit crops from pests:
Instructions for ampoules "Tanreca" from aphids, 1.5 ml.

Dilute the ampoule in 1 liter. water, mix and bring to the required volume with water.
Use freshly prepared.

Crop processed: Apple tree
Disease, pest: Aphids. Apple flower beetle.
Consumption rate: 3 ml. for 10 liters. water
Method and time of processing: Spray from aphids during the growing season from 2 to 5 liters per tree, depending on age.
From apple flower beetle to flowering.
Application features, waiting period, (frequency of treatments). 7 days, (1 treatment)

Crop treated object: Currant
Disease, pest: Aphids.
Consumption rate: 3 ml. for 10 liters. water
Method and time of processing: Spraying before flowering, consumption from 0.5 to 1.5 liters. per bush, depending on the age and type of formation of the bush.
Application features, waiting period, (frequency of treatments). 7 days, (1 treatment)

Crop treated object: Flowering plants
Disease, pest: Aphids. Cicadas. Whitefly. Thrips.
Consumption rate: 5 ml. for 10 liters. water
Method and time of processing: Spraying during the growing season. Consumption 10l. for 100 sq.m.
Application features, waiting period, (frequency of treatments). ---, (1 treatment)

Crop treated object: Cucumbers and tomatoes, open field
Disease, pest: Aphids. Cicadas. Greenhouse whitefly.
Consumption rate: 5 ml. for 10 liters. water
Method and time of processing: Spraying during the growing season. Consumption 3-10 liters. for 100 sq.m.
Application features, waiting period, (frequency of treatments). -3-, (1 treatment)

Instructions for ampoules "Tanreca" from aphids, 1 ml, 10 ml.

Tanrek is a long-lasting aphid remedy designed to kill aphids on vegetable, fruit, berry and flower-ornamental crops.

Nicotine can be beneficial

The question of how to get rid of the Colorado potato beetle without chemistry or using special means is quite relevant. The safest method, which is also known to modern gardeners, is to collect beetles by hand, and then burn or destroy in any other way. However, it can be used only when the area is very small, and this procedure will take a little time.

If the area is large enough, then you can use a toxin that is very dangerous for Colorado beetles - nicotine. There is nothing complicated about it. It is enough to plant tobacco between the bushes when planting a potato or other plant. In addition, spraying with tobacco infusion can be carried out. To prepare it, you need to take 200 cigarettes or 500 g of tobacco dust, pour 10 liters of cold water and leave for at least two days, then strain thoroughly. In addition, you need to add 40 g of laundry soap to the infusion, and then you can spray the potato bushes.

Instructions for use "Colorado Forte 3 in 1"

The drug "Colorado" has simple instructions for use, which will be understandable to both experienced gardeners and beginners. Before spraying, it is required to prepare a working solution. The solution is prepared following the volume of the sprayer tank. The amount of the preparation required for 1 filling of the sprayer tank is taken. The sprayer tank will be filled with water to 50%, then you should turn on the mixer and introduce the drug. Then, when the mixer is on, water is added to the sprayer tank to the required amount. A properly prepared solution is used to treat plants damaged by the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae.

The preparation of Colorado for beetles, following the instructions for use, is required to be used at least 20 days before harvest. When using, the following precautions must be observed:

  • Do not use food utensils when preparing the solution.
  • Work with the drug should be carried out in protective gloves and a mask.
  • During spraying and preparation of the solution, it is forbidden to drink, smoke, eat food.
  • After working with the drug, rinse your mouth, wash your face and hands with soap and water.
  • Keep out of reach of children at temperatures from -5 to +25 degrees C.
  • Used packaging from the preparation must be burned.
  • In case of contact with skin, rinse immediately with running water.
  • Before working with the drug, it is advisable to use activated charcoal in order to avoid the harmful effects of chemicals on the body.
  • After spraying, take a shower and change clothes.

The manufacturer of the drug "Colorado" has developed detailed instructions for use, most often it is indicated on the packaging of the product. In order to avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to carefully read the recommendations for dosages, timing of work, precautions and spraying techniques.

Instructions for use

The drug is widely used in agriculture to protect vegetable and cereal crops from a large number of pests. Farmers note the effectiveness of the Euphoria from the Colorado potato beetle on potato beds and other plants. The insecticide developer, the Swiss company Syngenta, recommends using a concentrated suspension on crops such as:

  • cereals: wheat, oats, barley (to combat thrips, drunks, in-stem flies, aphids)
  • peas (from moth, pea weevil and aphids)
  • cabbage (against whites, cabbage moths and aphids).

For ease of use in areas of different areas, the drug is produced in five-liter canisters, plastic bottles with a volume of 1 liter and sealed bags of 4 ml of concentrated substance. The average price for 1 liter of Eforia KS insecticide is 3500 rubles.

Instructions for use in individual farms:

  • rinse the spraying tank and check the operation of the sprayer
  • fill the container with ½ volume of water
  • pour in the required amount of concentrated suspension
  • stir the contents of the tank, fill with water, without ceasing to mix the liquid
  • use on the day of production, do not store.

The consumption rate of insecticide per 10 liters of water is 4 ml for potatoes, 3-4 ml for peas and cabbage and 2-3 ml for cereals. Processing is carried out at least 3-4 hours before precipitation, in calm weather.

If necessary, spraying can be repeated after 30 days. Cereals are sprayed no more than once per season. You can harvest the crop in 1 month after processing, carry out manual work in 10-12 days.

The drug should be used only after the detection of pests. For preventive purposes, it is worth using less toxic counterparts.

Compatibility with other drugs

Eforia KS can be combined with various fungicides and insecticides. It is allowed to use the concentrate in tank mixes with growth regulators, for example, with Epin or Zircon. Like most insecticides, it cannot be combined with copper-containing preparations and those that increase the alkaline reaction.

It is first necessary to check the compatibility of the components by mixing a small amount of the starting materials. If, after thorough mixing, a precipitate forms on the bottom of the container or liquid stratification is observed, it makes no sense to use the preparations together. It is not recommended to use Eforia on one site for more than 3 years in a row.


When working with a pesticide, you should carefully read the instructions and adhere to the safety measures recommended by the manufacturer:

  • use personal protective equipment for the skin, special glasses
  • do not carry out treatment in the sanitary zone of water bodies
  • the limitation of the summer of honey insects is 96-120 hours, the border zone is from 4 km
  • do not spray the solution at a wind speed of more than 2 m / s

In case of contact of the Euphoria KS preparation on the skin, rinse with plenty of cool water. If liquid gets on the mucous membrane, seek medical attention. At the first symptoms of poisoning, it is necessary to take an absorbent and call a doctor.

According to gardeners, Eforia is a highly effective means of fighting the Colorado potato beetle and other leaf-eating insects. The protective properties of the drug allow for a long time to destroy the entire colony of pests, including the larvae, in one application.

Fitoverm is a substance of the III hazard class. Standard protective measures are required to handle the drug.

Hair is hidden under a headscarf or other headdress. Put on:

  • clothing and shoes that protect exposed areas of the body
  • respirator
  • waterproof gloves
  • glasses to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes.

While working with the drug, eating, smoking, drinking is strongly discouraged. If your general health has worsened, you start to feel sick, you need to drink activated charcoal, a lot of water, and wash yourself. If possible, induce vomiting. Be sure to see a doctor.

Customer opinions

Reviews of Tanrek are usually positive. Most summer residents claim that Tanrek actually kills pests, but some of them expected a greater effect from the insecticide:

“My husband and I are still those vegetable growers. Once they planted potatoes in a small area. We knew that the beetle would attack, but thought, if something happens, we will collect it. But the illusions quickly passed, and we needed chemistry. We turned to a neighbor. He gave a bottle of substance with the inscription "Tanrek". We read the reviews about this pesticide and moved on to action. A few hours later, all the pests with their offspring fell. After another 3 weeks we reaped the crop, so one spraying was enough. Next year we will buy another remedy, otherwise the beetle will get used to it ”(Elizabeth)

“We have purchased a new drug for garden insects - Tanrek. It comes with very detailed instructions. As the saleswoman said, according to the main substance, this is the same Mospilan, Ratibor or Prestige. The only difference is in trade marks. All the beetles were below, but the joy lasted until the first shower. 15 acres of garden had to be processed again. And the potatoes will grow for a long time. Two treatments are not enough for the desired effect. So the manufacturer slightly overestimated the properties of the drug. And I want to have complete information about such goods ”(Maria)

An annotation must be included in the package with any tool. And if you follow all the recommendations of the manufacturer: measure the correct dosage, carry out the treatment at the right time, apply the drug against those insects for which it is designed, you can get a good result. But not trusting specialists, relying only on your own strength, you can harm pets, plants and your health.

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