15 exhibitions for landscape designers

Review of the most interesting exhibitions of landscape design

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Spring is the time for fresh solutions! How to become a successful landscape designer, where to study and how to improve your qualifications? The landscape design course at IDS-Petersburg is based on four main pillars - the study of the most modern aspects of the landscape designer's activity, acquaintance with European trends and technologies, mastering the programs for constructing graphic images of the landscape environment and practice on real objects. An important role in teaching students a new specialty is given to visiting exhibitions and internships - this is also important for advanced training. Design expert and School teacher Ksenia Bandorina tells about the main exhibitions recommended for landscape designers to visit.

Almost all gardening and landscape exhibitions are held in spring, starting in March. Salzburg is called the flower city - you can explore it through flower beds, squares and parks. From 23 to 25 March, the international specialized exhibition Garten Salzburg is taking place at the Salzburg Messezentrum exhibition center, where selective and traditional varieties of flowers, shrubs and trees will be presented. Along with the planting material, you will find new decorative tools for decorating both large gardens and small home flower beds and lawns.

Professionals of landscape design and garden art are expected at the specialized exhibition DACHA OUTDOOR, which will be held from March 25 to March 27 at the Moscow Crocus Expo. The B2B fair format assumes business communication between suppliers and buyers on special offers from Russian manufacturers. Here you can not only update your spring arsenal of tools, but also get useful business contacts.

The "Summer Season" will begin in Rostov-on-Don from March 29 to April 1 and will show architectural projects, landscape design tools and a variety of planting materials.

In the Austrian city of Wels, several exhibitions on garden and park design will take place at once, including Blühendes Österreich (Blooming Austria). Exhibitors place great emphasis on organizing and decorating recreation areas. Expert presentations, show gardens, plants and rare plants, decorations, swimming pools and practical garden technologies - there is nothing better in Wels than the spring Blühendes Österreich.

"Art Landscape" exhibition - from April 24 to April 28, professionals of landscape and floristry, as well as those who independently practice garden art, come to the Moscow exhibition center "Sokolniki". During the exhibition, you can learn about the features of new products and the nuances of this segment, the latest developments and prospects in this area. The exhibition is attended by leading manufacturers and organizations from all over Russia and the CIS countries, foreign manufacturers and distributor companies.

The international exhibition Nature Expo invites you to Riga from 27 to 29 April. Its Gardening section will bring together professional gardeners, florists, industry specialists and everyone who is fond of floriculture and loves to work in the garden. A bright florist competition will be organized. Within the framework of business meetings, issues of environmental protection, green agricultural technologies, environmentally friendly machines and equipment will be covered.

The international exhibition GreenTech Amsterdam will open its doors from 12 to 16 June. With horticultural products and solutions, inspiring classes on the latest topics and future technologies, you'll get an overview of your horticultural business opportunities. GreenTech Amsterdam is the global meeting point for all horticultural professionals. Last year's edition features 415 exhibitors from 30 countries, including all market leaders, and four related themes: Crops, Water, Energy and Biobases, the Vertical Farming Pavilion, and the Equipment and Technology Showroom.

From June 19 to June 21, SALON du VEGETAL will take place in France - this is an annual meeting for professionals from the floriculture industry, where business ties are forged. The exhibition in Nantes will be attended by: owners of nurseries, plant breeders, representatives of wholesale companies, as well as manufacturers. This is a showcase of new products and services for professional buyers, a real impetus for marketing plans.

The Garden Show Oslo is held from 20 to 22 April in Lillestrom, Norway, and it's a real festival! Traditionally, Oslo Garden Show will demonstrate to visitors a wide range of flowers and plants, innovative ideas related to the arrangement of garden areas, garden tools, seeds and seedlings of plants. This exhibition is intended for true gardening enthusiasts interested in new products and useful advice from leading experts.

Meanwhile, the Interflora exhibition will be open in Moscow from 22 to 28 April.
Within the framework of the V International specialized exhibition, a rich business program for specialists and design lovers will be held: a competition in professional floristry, seminars from manufacturers of materials, conferences, master classes. To ensure a systematic approach to the issues of functional arrangement of the urban environment, social projects and preservation of the historical appearance of cities, the Green City festival is starting, in which specialists from the field of landscape architecture, landscaping and gardening will take part.

The semi-annual garden festival "Radicepura", an international event dedicated to garden design, begins on April 27th. The venue for the Garden Biennale is Sicily. All events of the festival are dedicated to the current trends in garden design and landscape architecture in the Mediterranean with the participation of young aspiring designers, companies and major players in landscape and architecture. At the Radicepura Botanical Park, you can visit 14 gardens specially created for the festival using the most original plants grown for the event.

April 27 - 28, Toby Buckland Garden Festival (Great Britain, Powderham Castle, Kenton) - everyone who wants to see and purchase the highest quality plants from first-class nurseries from the famous landscape designer strives here. Competitions for the best landscape projects, floristic installations and stylish shows will be held in the unique castle grounds in order to return you to the atmosphere of classic English gardens.

May 31 - June 4 Bloom is Ireland's largest garden festival featuring top designer gardens in Dublin. On the territory of 70 acres of Phoenix Park, competitive installations will be spread, among which will be selected the best in categories - large and small gardens, concepts and implemented projects.

The most anticipated event for all florists and landscape designers is the Chelsea Flower Show, which will traditionally take place in London from 22 to 26 May. According to the results of the luxurious exhibition, the flower of the year will be chosen, and among the author's projects of the gardens one of the best will be named. Each of the gardens, which takes 2-3 months to create at the exhibition, is designed by leading designers of the United Kingdom, and all the stars of the country come to see these installations. Of course, the most anticipated visit will be the traditional visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Each exhibition is unique in its program and in order to choose the one that is relevant for oneself right now, one must have a high-quality basic education in the specialty. An understanding of trends, traditions and fashion, the development of creativity and the ability to work with projects of different areas and levels of complexity are brought up through constant practice and its combination with theoretical and technical training: this is the system that is used when teaching landscape design at IDS-Petersburg.

Admission to summer intensive groups continues. Join us!

15 exhibitions for landscape designers - garden and vegetable garden

Purple or whitish leaves of tomato seedlings are a symptom of a serious illness or the result of improper care. Experienced gardeners told how to find out the cause of this phenomenon and save the plants. Seedlings got sick White with gray.

In addition to the traditional and familiar varieties of pears, there are very exotic and unusually tasty hybrids that are suitable for growing in temperate climates. Pysanka Compact trees of a mid-late Ukrainian hybrid grow in height up to.

These tiny violets will perfectly fit on a small shelf or windowsill in a standard apartment. They do not require special care, however, some of the subtleties of growing should be taken into account. Balchug Intuition Neat rosettes of this variety.

Birch tar is obtained by dry distillation of wood. The natural product is often used in horticulture due to its specific smell that repels various pests. Rodent traps To drive mice and rats out of the countryside.

Many gardeners think that it is impossible to keep the bark from cracking in extreme cold, but this is not the case. Several methods can help minimize damage from wind and cold temperatures. Whitewashing Protect wood from.

You can keep the carrots juicy and crispy until summer in a well-equipped cellar, but even in such a place the vegetable often loses its freshness. To avoid this, you should use simple and proven ones.

Experienced summer residents know how important it is for snow to lie on the site. If snowless, but frosty weather is predicted, then you definitely need to go to the country house to protect the plants from freezing. It is recommended to follow up.

To get a high yield, summer residents need to fertilize and protect plants from pests. They use special substances for these purposes, often the cost of which is rather big. But the owners of personal plots should pay attention.

Many gardeners do not use peat pots for growing seedlings, although they make planting easier. There are several reasons for this. Waterlogged soil In such containers there are no drainage holes, and if.

The older generation knows a lot of ways to get a good harvest. The main stage in the cultivation of agricultural and ornamental crops is the preparation of soil for seedlings. Forest land For seedlings of vegetables, forest land is suitable,.

Decking has long gained popularity in the manufacture of country fences. Despite its practicality and durability, this material can cause irreparable harm to garden trees. Mirror effect Profiled sheet metal tends to focus.

When choosing tomato seeds for their gardens, the owners often pay attention not only to the yield of the bushes, but also to the appearance of the fruits. Some varieties are adapted to the Russian climate, so they are great.

When stocking up on firewood for the winter, don't be fooled. Be careful, even if the material is delivered by acquaintances or trusted people. It is to them that there is more credit of trust and it is easier to be deceived by dishonest suppliers. ...

In warm weather, the compost heap rots in two to three months. In the cold season, the term increases threefold. In order for the natural fertilizer to be ready for use by spring, it is necessary to observe a number of conditions that will be created.

With the onset of winter and the transition of plants to a state of dormancy, some gardeners carry out pruning of fruit trees, claiming that this contributes to intensive growth and a rich harvest. This opinion is often criticized by opponents of the winter.

White garden accents

A white garden or flower garden is best set up on the shady side of the site, where light green, yellow-green and emerald green foliage will be the ideal backdrop for white flowers. At dusk, when all the colors have faded, he will especially attract attention.

On a sunny lawn, plants should be placed on a silver, gray or blue background. Otherwise, you will get just an indistinct overexposed place. To create a warmer composition, add some colors of a different color to it.

As with creating any flower garden, plant 3-5 basic plants and one that will be the focus of attention. The hydrangea will give the flower bed lightness and airiness, whose large inflorescences will be the accent of the entire site. It works well to solo with rose and daylily, iris and delphinium.

Fences, arches and gazebos, ennobled by climbing plants, for example, clematis or climbing roses, look especially decorative.

Consider the height of the plants when composing your composition. Place the lowest of them, blooming near the ground (primroses, subulate bryozoans, ground cover roses, etc.) in the foreground. Plants with decorative foliage, for example, hosts, will also be appropriate here.

Plants such as astilba, loosestrife, peony, phlox, lily, etc. can rise above them. In the background, plant the highest ones (lupine, gypsophila, delphinium, gray spirea, dogwood, thuja).

White flowers also look advantageous when decorating the front area. They can be placed against the background of clipped plants in rabatki, or form hedges from them with a height of half a meter. And containers and pots with white annuals will decorate windowsills and terraces.

White suggests smooth lines. If your area has sharp corners, they can be smoothed out by planting shrubs or vines.

Using special lighting in the evening, if desired, will color your white garden in different colors.
The effect of monochrome composition will enhance the correct paving of the garden paths. For him, it is preferable to use a grayish tile, against which the plants will look good.

Landscape photography exhibition

The aim of our photo exhibition is to show the works of the best Russian landscape designers and architects.

The author of the idea and organizer is Svetlana Chizhova (Landscape Art company).

I am very pleased that many of my talented and hardworking colleagues have supported me. They provided photographs of their work. The wide geography was pleasantly surprised. For two years at the landscape photo exhibition "Plants in Gardens", which was held at the conference of the Association of Planting Material Producers, gardens from Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Don, Simferopol, were demonstrated. Ryazan, St. Petersburg, Moscow.

If you want to become a participant in a landscape photography exhibition, write to me.

Chizhova Svetlana Art Director of the "Landscape Art" company
Moscow Andrianova Irina "Anshin-sad" company
Specialization - Japanese gardens.
Arzamastsev Sergey Agrofirma "Modern decorative nursery"
Moscow Bagramov Ayrat Company "LLC" VIP Land ""
Moscow Bayburina Nelya Studio of landscape design and training "GREEN THEATER"
Ufa Batashev Denis Landscape design studio "Botanist"
Saint Petersburg Berestova Marina KRONA company
Chelyabinsk Borisova Natalya Landscape workshop NB-GARDEN
Moscow Botalova Valentina KRONA boutique company
Izhevsk Bubanik Lyudmila Landscape Architect
Moscow Bunina Vita Private landscape designer
Moscow Bushueva Natalya Individual entrepreneur.
Rostov-on-Don Bykova Elena Engineer of landscape gardening and landscape construction.
Vakhrameeva Irina Landscape company "ProGarden Group"
Yaroslavl Olga Vlasenkova, Tatyana Kichenko Phyto-Design Center Company
Golitsina Irina Territory Zagorodnaya Zhizn company
Grishina Tatiana Landscape designer. Work experience since 1997.
Novosibirsk city Grozina Olga Company "Charm of nature"
Novosibirsk city
Javakhyan Svetlana Company "Imperial Garden" Moscow Dombrova Nataliya Landscape architect
Samara Drobakha Zulfiya Landscape Designer
Kazan Eryutina Svetlana AquaMarin-M company
Voronezh Zhbannikova (Tsapurina) Julia Art Green Design LLC Moscow Zhukov Alexander and Ekaterina Landscape Bureau "Wild herbs"
Moscow Zvarich Svetlana, Solomentseva Irina Landscape studio "Mosaic of the garden"
Moscow Zvezdochkina Tatyana Landscape studio "VENUS DESIGN"
Ryazan Kavalaglio Anna, Voronina Olga Architectural and landscape center "Archiland"
Nizhny Novgorod
Kazakina Olga, Shimanskaya Marina, Yegorshina Natalya Landscape Bureau "Alexandrovsky Garden" Pushkin Kozlova Elena Practicing landscape designer, teacher.
Saint Petersburg Kokueva Irina Landscape architect
Moscow Kondrashova Elena, Slashcheva Tatiana Landscape studio "LenTa"
Konstantinova Elena Landscape studio "Gardens and parks of Elena Konstantinova"
Moscow Krasulina Olga Landscape studio "Workshop of Nature"
Perm Krylova Natalya, Krylov Kirill Landscape designers
Ivanovo Kuzub Evgeniya Bureau of landscape architecture and design "The Green Room"
Ufa Lazareva Tatyana, Minaeva Ekaterina "ZELENKA STUDIO" - workshop of garden and park art
Ryazan Loseva Anastasia, Zvereva Tatiana Landscape architects
Landscape firm "Semiramis Gardens"
Medvedeva Natalya Landscape Bureau "Kedr", Nizhny Novgorod Menshikova Nadezhda Private landscape designer "Your Ogorodie"
Moscow Mut Tatyana Individual entrepreneur
Moscow Neganova Elena Bonanza Construction and Landscape Company LLC (founded in 2005)
Nizhny Novgorod Ovchinnikov Yuri Candidate of Biological Sciences, designer, traveler
Novosibirsk city Olga Ozerova Landscape architect
Moscow Panina Lyubov Studio of landscape architecture "Pro garden"
Pashkova Maria Landscape workshop "Palisander", Yekaterinburg. Petriv Vladimir Petriv Design company
Moscow Petrova Natalia InterEco Landscape Company
Pirozhnikova Natalia Landscape designer, Head of the landscape department of the "GARDENS" company
Moscow Polikarpov Ilya Company Aquabid Company
Moscow Pyatakova Olga Landscape Bureau Vremena Goda LLC
Moscow Rzhevtseva Ilona, ​​Ivanova Elena VILLA-PLANTA company
Saint Petersburg
Rossinin Anna and Vladimir Rossa Park company
Krasnoyarsk. Samsonova Natalia, Alekseeva Margarita Educational and Practical Center "FLOWERING PLANET"
Moscow Sapelin Alexander Landscape Bureau Alexander Sapelin Moscow Sapunova Svetlana landscape designer Moscow Sakharova Irina Private landscape designer
Moscow Sergeevs Alexander and Irina "Landscape workshop of the Sergeevs"
Yekaterinburg city Skibin Alexey SpetsParkDesign company
Saint Petersburg Mikhail Sukhanov, Vladimir Shikhaleev Luxgarten Company
Ufa Timchenko Ekaterina Art Director at T & MDesignStudio
Moscow Tukach Svetlana Landscape studio "Magic Design Studio" Simferopol Khleborodova Oksana "Author's Garden" company
Moscow Khromtsova Elena Helenpark + Company
Moscow Khupov Ruslan Company "Beautiful Gardens",
Krasnodar city
Tsygankova Anna DP Terra Vita LLC
Simferopol Shulga-Mikhailov Mikhail Landscape-art workshop "Landscape"
Moscow Yudaeva Nataliya Landscape design studio "Drevo" Saratov Yurova Larisa Landscape Architect

10. Grow environmentally friendly products

Follow sustainable practices when growing plants. Chemicals and pesticides always cost money, it is easier to attract beneficial insects (ladybugs, lacewings, ground beetles, etc.) to the garden. The situation is the same with herbicides, you can remove the weeds by hand or cover them with an opaque film, but this will not always lead to the desired result. To restore the nutrient properties of the soil, it is better to use green manure.

Organizing your dream garden is much easier than you think. You just need to take a closer look around and think about what resources you can use. Many useful solutions literally lie underfoot.

Working semi-overalls - for all occasions

Overalls are produced in a large assortment, they protect not only from dirt and dust, but also from other factors. Inexpensive brands from China, high-strength models from Germany and the USA, for every taste and wallet.

The main thing is that you can choose for different weather, for example, they usually work in semi-overalls in the summer, and when it gets cool they put on a work jacket, such as https://wateropt.com.ua/specodezhda/5947-rabochaya-kurtka-steeluz-red-zasshitnyj .html.

For those who dislike this work item of clothing, manufacturers offer comfortable work trousers with a huge number of pockets, with zippers, Velcro and protective patches on the knees, a triple seam is used for the step seam and the seam of the seat https://wateropt.com.ua/specodezhda /5942-rabochie-bryuki-steeluz-lime-zasshitnye.html. Such amazing models look modern and simplify the workflow, for example, there are pads for placing knee pads and a special pocket for ventilation.

The advantages of semi-overalls for gardening or landscaping:

  • Practical color that does not show stains and streaks
  • The lower back is protected from drafts
  • Comfortable, adjustable shoulder straps
  • Additional knee protection
  • The jumpsuit has multiple patch pockets for gardening tools and other small items
  • Water-repellent and breathable fabric
  • Versatility: for home and garden.

The overalls are made of high quality materials and therefore are suitable for intensive use and washing after each use https://wateropt.com.ua/specodezhda/5696-polukombinezon-rabochij-leber-hollman-lh-fmn-b-lbr.html.

Author's channel

In the video of the popular blogger Tatiana, you will find a lot of useful and interesting information, starting with choosing seeds, growing seedlings and getting a rich harvest. You will also learn how to make blanks for the winter, a lot of tasty and simple recipes, you will see many interesting and original ideas for repairing construction and improving the site with your own hands.

Online store channel for gardeners

"Garden World" will tell you about the plants that you can grow in your garden, dacha, or vegetable garden. Tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchini, carrots, onions, beets and many other vegetables will grow without diseases and harmful insects if you heed the advice of experienced gardeners. You can watch master classes on caring for flowers: roses, astilbe, phlox, chrysanthemum and others. There is a lot of useful information for both beginners and experienced gardeners and gardeners.

Author's channel

On the video channel of farmer Valery you will find a lot of useful and interesting information about growing flowers, tomatoes, grapes, raspberries, strawberries and much more. Everything Valery talks about is based and verified on his personal experience. This is a practical man, in his videos he is always with soil, seedlings, bushes, in a greenhouse, works with plants right in front of our eyes and shows everything in practice without unnecessary theory.

Video channel about plant care and cultivation

The channel works in several directions.
This channel is dedicated to the cultivation and care of a wide variety of plants (vegetables, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, etc.) on their site (cottage, courtyard).
All the advice and methods of work that are offered are taken from the personal long-term experience of the channel team in growing and caring for plants.
It also contains a variety of recipes for festive and everyday dishes prepared personally by the project participants.

Larisa Zarubina's author channel

On this channel you will find answers to many questions about gardening and floriculture, take an exciting journey into the world of garden and indoor plants, unravel the secrets of a good harvest of vegetables, fruits and berries. Additionally, here you will find handicrafts for the household and much more.

Yulia Minyaeva's author channel

The host of the channel is a real folk practice, "Samodelkin in a Skirt", will tell you about the various intricacies of growing plants and the secrets of a successful harvest, show heaps of useful tips, things, devices that will come in handy in a country house, in the country, and share interesting recipes with you.

Author's channel

The host of the channel, Aunt Tanya, has rich and invaluable experience in caring for horticultural crops and fascinatingly passes it on to other gardeners and gardeners. On her channel, she talks in detail about all the intricacies and nuances of gardening.

Author's channel

On the channel of the experienced gardener Igor Bilevich you will find a lot of information about the cultivation of various plants, reviews of equipment and garden arrangement. Everything that you will see in the videos presented here is the author's personal experience in creating a low-maintenance garden in a beautiful Provencal style, practically from scratch.

Author's channel

Using his many years of experience, the author of the channel helps gardeners, gardeners and flower growers understand the intricacies of caring for plants in the garden, gives useful advice on arranging a garden, treating plants, creating fertile soil, helps to choose the best fertilizers and garden tools. It will also be interesting to get acquainted with the collections of plants and novelties, the topics of buying plants and goods useful for gardening are considered.

EarthNika. Experts in the garden.

School of gardeners and school of gardeners

The Zemlyanika channel gives practical advice on how to grow vegetables and fruits, how to maintain an orchard and a vegetable garden, and how to care for seedlings and flowers.
Plots about tomatoes, cucumbers, about all their varieties and hybrids often appear here, plots touch on the topics of how to grow a particular variety, how to save plants from pests, from phytophthora, how to organize cultivation in a greenhouse and in open ground.
Also on this channel you will learn about homemade recipes for blanks, a lot of information about landscape design, how to root plants.

Valery Medvedev's author channel

The author of the channel has long moved from city to village with his family and in his popular video blog he shares his experience of farming and gives very useful practical advice to gardeners, summer residents and nature lovers.

Zagorodnaya Zhizn TV channel

This is a round-the-clock thematic TV channel for people permanently living outside the city, and everyone who strives for a similar life. It offers many interesting ideas for the garden and home, advice from gardeners, farmers, landscape designers, and other experts

Flowers in the house. Houseplants.

Indoor Plants Video Channel

On this channel you will learn a lot of useful and interesting information about indoor flowers, how to properly care for them, how to transplant and propagate, where to put and much more. You will also find valuable tips for caring for flowers and learn many legends and superstitions associated with indoor plants.

Author's channel

On the channel, the presenter Alena talks about her experience in arranging a dacha, about growing plants: vegetables, flowers, berries and fruits, about natural or organic farming, about useful advice for summer residents, gardeners and gardeners, about making crafts for the garden and vegetable garden with her own hands.

Svetlana Naletova's author channel

The author of the channel Svetlana (Chelyabinsk) is familiar with many biologists, landscape designers, agronomists, flower growers, vegetable growers and experienced gardeners and here she shares her secrets on growing plants and caring for a garden and the advice of her friends.

Informative video channel

Channel A - Video - this is interesting video clips on various topics: homemade products, various crafts for the house, dacha, garden. Also on the channel there are many videos on the topic of landscape design and improvement in the garden area.
The video clips present many options, ideas, how to plant greenery on your garden plot with decorative trees, shrubs and flowers, how to make an alpine slide, a flower bed. There is a video about garden gazebos, benches and wrought iron products.

Video blog of the company Gardens of Russia

The Scientific and Production Association "Sady Rossii" is engaged in the introduction of the latest achievements in the selection of fruit, berry and ornamental crops in the wide practice of amateur gardening.
The channel will tell you about the secrets of proper plant cultivation, masterpieces of world selection, agronomists and specialists will explain which secrets work and which do not, and how to achieve maximum results in gardening

Plant nursery KFH Sad

Official channel of KFH "Sad"

On the channel of the farm "Sad" (Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk region, they show the fruiting of fruit trees and shrubs, as well as give useful recommendations to gardeners

Author's video blog

Video lessons on gardening and garden design from Evgeny Fedotov.

Author's channel

On Elena's channel, you will find a lot of different information: care and cultivation of garden strawberries, a vegetable garden from scratch in a vacant lot, tips for caring for plants, master classes, earrings, beaded bracelets, crocheting gloves, weaving, drawn postcards, etc.

My garden is a dream come true

Elena Semenova's author channel

Elena equips a summer cottage plot of about 3 acres in the Moscow region and leads the canal as her garden chronicles: she shows everything she does on her site to turn it into a beautiful garden.

Green Tips - Modern Garden Design

Landscape Design Channel

The channel provides interesting and useful information about modern trends in landscape design and design compositions. Here you will find a large number of practical garden and plot design solutions.

Family video blog

For the authors of the channel, the married couple Svetlana and Pavel, the garden has become the main hobby in life. They share their experience of growing plants and offer vlogs from their garden.

Watch the video: Ο Θανάσης Μακρής μας ξεναγεί στον μαγικό κόσμο των τοπίων του

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