Underground irrigation system


The underground irrigation system is a system chosen as the best solution for irrigating the lawn. In the garden, particular attention is paid to aesthetics because while in agriculture it is irrelevant to have an exposed pipe, in a private green space it could create some problems. Furthermore, the system for burying the plant is quite simple and often it is not even necessary to require the intervention of specialized workers because only a small excavation is required. Obviously, before proceeding with this phase it is important to design the underground irrigation system so that all plants can have the right watering. Obviously the system, even if activated automatically, must always be checked to verify that everything is working correctly. The underground irrigation system is also convenient for watering the turf, in this way you will always have a well-kept and natural lawn. Water is also a precious and very important asset, making use of an underground system, it is possible to make not even a drop be lost. As with other types of irrigation systems, also in this case the system could be connected to a well.


The underground irrigation system must be carefully designed to fix the retractable sprinklers in the right place. Water pressure is a very important element and the smaller the collector pipe, the greater the water pressure. The garden must be divided into areas to create the irrigation system, a different number of sprinklers may be required for each area. Each sprinkler, if positioned correctly, also allows for significant water savings. If the irrigation system is to be inserted inside a small garden, it can be done personally. It is usually achievable with gardens that have a maximum extension of 200 square meters. At gardening shops you need to buy everything you need and to install it you just need to dig a groove inside which the system will be placed. By connecting the irrigation system to a programmer, you will no longer have the inconvenience of opening the valves because they will start working automatically. The convenience lies in ensuring adequate irrigation of the lawn, even if you are on vacation. In the case of a garden with an extension of more than 200 square meters, the difficulties in creating an underground irrigation system will certainly be greater. The system will have a larger size, and to place the piping perfectly, stakes are used on the ground. The system must be tested before being buried to verify that everything is working correctly.


The underground irrigation system can be connected to a programmer, which has the function of starting the system itself, according to the established time. According to the needs of the different plants, the owner will program it and the system will start automatically every day. Furthermore, the same system can be equipped with a sensor capable of detecting rain, in such a way as to prevent the system from starting up. In this way, significant water savings are achieved and the plants are prevented from undergoing excessive watering.


The cost of building an underground system depends above all on its size, if it is a rather small garden, the costs will be low compared to a very large garden. By contacting a specialized company it is also possible to obtain a quote to find out what the total amount for the construction will be. Those who want to make it themselves will only have to buy everything they need, sold both at gardening stores and at DIY stores. Of course it will be necessary to carve out some time to dedicate yourself to this work and it will also be necessary to have a minimum of knowledge of the sector. The cost can also vary according to the choice of sprinklers which can be concealed, static concealed, dynamic concealed. Generally, the work of the underground irrigation system is carried out at the same time as the garden, but nothing prevents it from doing so even later, without the lawn suffering serious damage. This is a cost that is faced only once because the system should guarantee a good life for many years. Furthermore, if any failures occur, and the system was built by a company, it is important to call them immediately because the same plants could risk remaining for a period without watering.

Underground irrigation system: irrigation system: underground irrigation system

The underground irrigation system is in great demand by sprinklers, because they manage to irrigate while hiding under the ground. During the garden design phase, it is also necessary to design the irrigation system. Those with a particular passion for gardening can decide to do it personally. Usually the underground version is preferred because it certainly offers a better aesthetic effect. Generally, the external irrigation system is used above all in agriculture, where it is not necessary to pay particular attention to aesthetics. The design follows hand in hand with the choice of the various species to be included in the garden. The underground irrigation system must be built at an adequate distance from the plant, so it is necessary to mark on the project what is necessary to have a clear picture according to which to fix the various sprinklers. The design of an underground irrigation system can also be entrusted to a specialized company that will naturally also take care of the implementation of the project itself.

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