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A walk in Avesnois: what is a Heifer?

In Avesnois, there are many cattle breeding and / or dairy farms. It is true that the area lends itself to it, nature is as far as the eye can see. In fact, it is not uncommon to meet, during a walk in this beautiful countryside, cows and bulls and of course heifers. Heifers, to put it simply, are young cows that have not yet had a calf.

Heifers, curious beasts:

Funny heifers. Yes. You can't say to yourself like that, when you see a cow, usually more phlegmatic than average, that her calf can be so lively, interested, playful, keen eye and touching. At first contact, the relationship is between fear and the desire to play or discover. We see them running, jostling, sometimes kicking gently. They move quickly. At first glance, you can differentiate a herd of heifers ready to be put in working order when the first visitor is nearby, from a herd of cows which will not necessarily make much of your presence. The movements of the heifers are often a little messy, non-linear, but quickly the more reckless of them end up coming to meet you, always ready to flee, but close by, a few meters from "safety", then closer , Then. They will eventually gain confidence more naturally and come forward to collect a caress here some tall grass to taste. At the slightest gesture, a little abrupt, they run away, then come back, in a repetitive back and forth. Secondly, it is they who come to claim contact, as if they knew that the intentions were benevolent.
Heifers are Teenagers. It's funny. Yes.

What is the animal cycle in a dairy farm?

In cows, gestation lasts 9 months, as in humans. The comparison ends there, when the calf is born it already weighs 45 kg and after that, of course, everything goes faster than with a man who cannot do anything alone without his parents for a few years.

• The cow gives birth to her first calf around 2 years old, 24 to 26 months old in productive herds.
Before, it was rather around 35 months that the cow calved for the first time, which is to say that the cycle a was clearly shortened, I am not sure that this is for the comfort of the animals. The breeder earns almost a generation of cows, so less feed and faster profitability ...
• Her baby is fed for a few days, a week, with the mother's milk.
• Solid food is introduced into the feed very quickly.
• Generally we leave the animal alone until 14 - 15 months
• This is when the reproduction is set up ... And the circle is complete.
• When the cow has had her first calf, she immediately becomes a milk producer, usually for about ten years.


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Stroll in Avesnois: what is a Heifer?


In Avesnois, there are small or medium-sized cattle and dairy farms, It is true that the area lends itself to it, nature is as far as the eye can see ....


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Stroll in Avesnois - Curious Beasts -

Pearl of Avesnois: the Waterlin Park

A few kilometers from Maroilles lies the magnificent domain of Michel Lengrand:
nearly five hectares devoted to nature and animals

An arboretum, a large orchard, a playground and picnic area: here is an ideal place to spend a moment of relaxation with the family when the fine weather arrives. Not far from swings and slides, ponies and caressing donkeys share the meadow with sheep, deer, goats, pigs and geese. But what are those big curious beasts out there? Ostriches, emus, rheas, alpacas and other arrogant-looking llamas! A downpour? Quickly, everyone takes refuge in the chalet, the doors of which are always open. В « I created this park from scratch between 1990 and 1999, and I maintain it alone В ”, proudly tells the owner, in love with his trees. Linden, hornbeam, poplar, chestnut, acacia, ginkgo bilobas. Two hundred and twenty different species are the admiration of visitors, intrigued by the collection of one hundred and fifty agricultural machines that line the aisle. A small pond nestled in greenery is graciously available to those who would like to tease the stud. Always delighted to share his corner of paradise, Michel Lengrand warmly welcomes individuals, but also groups, seminars, schools and air centers (by reservation).

Claudia Delerue-CrEtal

Waterlin leisure park, 4 rue du Waterlin 59550 Le Favril. Phone / Fax: 03 27 77 93 62.
Open daily, 9 am to 7 pm, May to end of October.
Bar and fast food (by reservation).
Accessible to people with reduced mobility and strollers.
Prices: 4 € / adult, 3.50 € / child from 3 to 12 years old. Guided tour of 1.5 hours included (groups). Animals kept on a lead accepted. Assured parking.

Article published in the journal В "femina В" (week of July 6 to 12, 2009)

Commissioned by the Rhône Crussol Community of Communes, Bruno MERCIER and Jean-Marc SALLEE, both naturalist guides, accompany you on thematic walks from April to October ... the opportunity to discover the Crussol massif from a new perspective. • Orchids • Around trees • Little Beasts • Small and Large Pebbles • Birds => Meet in front of the reception of the Boutique du Château, on the dates and times defined on the calendar opposite • The Mysteries of Crussol - duration: 3h => Meet in front of the reception of the Boutique du Château, on the dates and times defined on the calendar opposite • The Mysteries of Let's Be - duration: 3h => Meet in the Grottes car park, on the dates and times defined on the calendar opposite

[Information] Given the health context, activities are suspended until further notice

To know the dates, consult the agenda opposite

Mandatory reservation, limited number of places


  • 1 Geography
    • 1.1 Bordering municipalities
  • 2 Town planning
    • 2.1 Typology
  • 3 History
  • 4 Heraldry
  • 5 Politics and administration
    • 5.1 Policy trends and results
    • 5.2 List of mayors
  • 6 Population and society
    • 6.1 Demographics
      • 6.1.1 Demographic change
      • 6.1.2 Age pyramid
  • 7 Places and monuments
  • 8 Photo gallery
    • 8.1 Hamlet of Ostergnies attached to Colleret
  • 9 Personalities linked to the municipality
  • 10 To learn more
    • 10.1 Bibliography
    • 10.2 Related articles
    • 10.3 External links
  • 11 Notes and references
    • 11.1 Notes
    • 11.2 References

Colleret is the second largest village in area of ​​the Val de Sambre18.79km2 just after the town of Feignies. Consists of a hamlet called Ostergnies (see below the photo gallery of this village). In the town of Colleret is the fort of Cerfontaine, a neighboring village.

Bordering municipalities Edit

Typology Edit

Colleret is a rural municipality, because it is part of the municipalities with little or very little density, within the meaning of the municipal density grid of INSEE [Note 1], [1], [2], [3].

In addition, the municipality is part of the attraction area of ​​Maubeuge (French part), of which it is a municipality in the crown [Note 2]. This area, which includes 65 municipalities, is categorized in areas of 50,000 to less than 200,000 inhabitants [4], [5].

In 663, Saint Aldegonde bequeathed by will Colleret to her monastery, so the Chapître de Maubeuge had always had the feudal lordship of it and exercised its seigneurial rights in all their fullness. Colleret was included in the provost of Maubeuge. The provost of Maubeuge was the governor of the city and the administrator of justice, appointed by the count of Hainaut he was his representative in all the jurisdiction of his provost he had, before taking office (like the count and the grand bailiff of Hainaut) take the oath in the hands of the hereditary mayor of the city and in front of the high altar of the church of Sainte Aldegonde. Maubeuge also had its military governor who ensured the security of neighboring villages. In 1340, Wallerans, Lord of Fauquemont (locality of Colleret) held this post.

At that time ("barbarian" according to Z. Pierart) when force alone often constituted the right, the abbeys of women could not exercise their feudal rights and keep their property only with the help of the protection of a few powerful lords who, under the name of attorney or vidame, ensured their rest and defended their interests. This kind of guardianship was paid for by a donation or a fee to which the name of avowery was given. The count of Hainaut was "the man" of the Chapter in Colleret. In the accounts registers, we see that most of the income is shared by half between the Count of Hainaut and the Chapter.

The seigneurial rights of the Colleret Chapter were:

  • high, medium and low justice: the Chapter had these rights in six villages of the provost of Maubeuge including Colleret. The justice of the Chapter has an audience and a registry, a prison which consisted of a vault lit by a small window overlooking the street (the establishment of the Chanoinesses de Colleret had its own prison).
  • dead hand or better Cattel (furniture): on the death of the head of the family, the Chapter could take the best furniture that was in the house. We find curious notes on this subject: "In 1411, Colart Del'Motte, for a guéniche (heifer) sold on the farm —14 sous— for the Count of Hainaut and as much for the Chapter". This right which had become odious to the populations and whose exercise caused all kinds of embarrassment to the Chapter was, from the beginning of the 18th century, bought back by the communities in return for an annual fee.
  • rents and money: most of these rents were based on property that once belonged to the Chapter and that the latter had ceded to the inhabitants of Colleret to cultivate them or to build houses there.
  • a banality: was a right of a lord of Colleret to have a mill, a press, a brewery (which was located on the current site of the house n ° 15 rue Pierre et Marie Curie), an oven, a bull banal and to force his vassals in return for payment to grind their grains there, to make their drinks, to bake their bread, to lead their cows there.
  • dimes (mainly on crops): owners subject to this right owe the Chapter an annual fee per day.

The Chapter was responsible for the maintenance of the choir and the bells of the church of Colleret. The Chapter appointed as mayor and aldermen who it wanted, it designated individuals for this duty and they could be foreign to the locality. Thus six bourgeois de Maubeuge are, in one act, aldermen of Colleret. The Chapter had sergeants of the woods, they wore a hat trimmed with silver, a coat and a coat. They were also allocated part of the fines and pennage rights (grazing animals in the woods of Colleret). The Chapter of Maubeuge therefore owned in Colleret most of the territory on which it operated two large farms, that of Fauquemont (on the road to Cousolre) and especially the Casdel'cours (Cour Sainte Aldegonde, rue des Chanoinesses).

The stroll of Asami, by Delphine Roux and Pascale Moteki

YOUTH ALBUM - Asami is a very demure little girl, perfect round face, deep black hair, chewable pink cheekbones. Because she is bored and her mom is too busy to read her a story, she decides to go for a walk with her dog Ito.

« Lightly, Asami trots here and there, her little basket under her arm. Very quickly, a thousand treasures catch his eye. Far from the disturbing forest of Little Red Riding Hood, the reader discovers a true rural paradise. Everything around her bathes in a reassuring harmony.

On this sunny day, nature took on its most beautiful colors. Green first like young fern shoots and shiny ivy leaves, then red cherries and poppies, then blue flax flowers and yellow golden ears of wheat.

With each double-page spread, here she is filling her basket with new treasures. As fiery as she is contemplative, her dog happily explores this idyllic landscape, populated by graceful birds and curious little animals. Back home, the little girl finally realizes her secret project, making a garland for her little brother.

Designed for the little ones, Asami's ride is an album that gives off a great feeling of serenity. The Japanese influence is evident there, both in the simplicity and precision of Delphine Roux's text, which sometimes evokes haiku, and in the delicacy and gentleness of the illustrations by Pascale Moteki, known by

elsewhere as designer of the Madame Mo brand.

We think of Komako Sakaï, also published at the École des loisirs, for this ability to accurately reproduce the small pleasures of life.

Third collaboration of the two artists, Asami's ride is a beautiful spring work, refreshing at will, a lovely moment of tenderness that we would like to make last again and again.

Delphine Roux and Pascale Moteki - The ride of Asami - The leisure school - 9782211235167 - € 12

Under cyan

recommend you

[I'm terrified of being]

a music video by LADYLIKE LILY
directed by Matthieu Tillaut

Love & Information

By the Vertigo Group

Hopes and melancholy of beings who seek each other

Under the cyan is a tale that bathes in the amniotic fluid of Mother Earth.

The cyan, blue of the sky and the sea, tints from start to finish the clip produced by the singer herself. Ladylike Lily invites us to play quietly in the company of marine life, and better yet, to identify with jellyfish. A daring bet when you know the reputation of these beasts and their stinging filaments, and even worse, the deadly Gorgon. Lily addresses children while summoning the Medusa from Greek mythology, granddaughter of the union of the Earth with the Ocean, cousin of Chimera ...

Behind this nice ballad therefore arises the primordial question of our relationship to animal life of which we are a stakeholder, and this desire for reconciliation with one of its least sympathetic specimens, shows how far the quest for harmony goes. the musician. This path, she also traces it as a woman, the women who, tenderly, watch over humanity.

UNDER THE CYAN by Ladylike Lily

A music video directed by Orianne Marsilli (2019 - 3'27)

A little girl rides a boat at night and sees small lights in the water that attract her. She then lets herself slide and meets jellyfish, curious unloved creatures of the oceans. To the sound of synthetic harps, they sing the story of the world to the little girl.

By Orianne Marsilli

Heiresses before, women of the salt water
In one movement we float aligned

Often reminiscent of the condition of mermaids, jellyfish are a personification of women through the ages. Those who have mothered, worked, struggled and watched over humanity.
There, I made my very first clip, entirely handmade, using filmed shadow puppets, a technique that is similar to animated cinema. To do this, I had to cut out a pretty astronomical amount of recycled cardboard and turn my house into a Pixar studio! At a time when everything has to go fast, I liked this exercise in patience.
Taking the time to explore, to experiment, today is really the basis of my approach. I freeze things when the result gives me emotion.
This piece could be the subject of the tale on its own, it has the theme of femininity and water. These are the subjects that come up the most in my creations.

Orianne Marsilli started solo in early 2010, simply accompanied by her guitar, influenced by Emily Jane White, Emily Loizeau or Emiliana Torrini, who inspired her by the pseudonym Ladylike Lily. Very quickly his melodious folk universe seduced. She released her first 5-track EP On My Own in 2010 when she was Coup de cœur of the Trans-Musicales de Rennes.

In 2018, she designed Echoes, a sensory show and disc where a variety of sound and visual materials are called upon to tell, in the form of small tableaux vivants, the story of a being who, growing up and opening up to the world, becomes aware of his femininity.

The development of a little girl

UNIDIVERSE >>> From a musical point of view, the colorful and dreamlike dimension of Lily's journey is perfectly transcribed through a sound palette rather diverse than Ladylike Lily has been able to operate with sensitivity.

SOUND NEWS >>> Portait of Ladylike Lily : Between poetry and melancholy, his pastoral melodies recount the joys and sorrows of existence, those of childhood and love. An intimate universe feminine, sensitive and gentle. Orianne Marsilli became Ladylike Lily, woman-child, who knew how to develop her wonderland.

CURRENT BRITTANY >>> A tale for young and old, Echoes is a reflection on women and ecology, in search of vanished colors. In this new album, the young Brestoise decided to adopt the finery of a fine and light pop.

Girona and the fortified villages (130 km)

The first possible route is a 130 km circular road and we promise you won't have time to go around in circles! You are leaving from one of the neighboring towns of Lloret de Mar: Blanes. The path takes you through the towns of agricultural landscapes and among this beautiful panorama, hide some craft nuggets ! You will enjoy the joys of the hinterland and a generous countryside before your arrival in the city of Girona !

Take the time to stroll through the maze of mysterious alleys marked by remarkable architecture and take a ride on the " rambla de la libertad »Located in the heart of downtown.

When it comes to old stones, you will be amazed as Girona has more than 2000 years of history! Start with a visit to the historic city where, between arab baths and walks on the walls you will take a leap in time. Do not miss the splendid cathedral : we assure you that it is worth it to climb the large stone staircase which leads to the building. The square with its porch surmounted by a huge rose window is an invitation to visit!

To end this getaway in the Girona of yesteryear, do not miss the call which is a stone's throw away! This big Jewish quarter which is one of the best preserved in the world can be visited on foot. Your walk in this great labyrinth takes on the appearance of treasure hunts where the alleys contain many secrets of the past! So, are you in the mood for adventure?

© Arxiu Imatges PTCBG i Klaus Todt © Arxiu Imatges PTCBG i Oscar © Jase Wilson i Arxiu Imatges PTCBG

  • Hostalric - fortified village where we recommend a visit to the castle.
  • Blanes - fishing and botanical garden.
  • TossaofMar - medieval village.
  • Breda - discover local crafts (pottery and ceramics).
  • Arbucies - don't miss the water sources.
  • SantHilariSacalm - For athletes, a walk in the forest will make you happy.
  • Anglès - old quarter.
  • If they - a stroll in the lake park is a real moment of relaxation.
  • Viladrau - don't miss the water sources.
  • Osor.
  • Girona.

Video: Beasts of Bermuda. Acrocanthosaurus #1. Scavenging

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