Garden design - Ebook

Garden design 1

This ebook offers valuable advice for people who want to arrange their garden and plan redevelopment interventions such as paving and irrigation.The articles present in garden design 1 are: design elements, hanging gardens, garden with water, Italian garden, garden zen, outdoor floors, concrete floors, terracotta floors, wooden floors, outdoor wooden floors.

Garden design 2

Here is the second garden design ebook ready to explore new issues with excellent articles able to satisfy the curiosity of our readers. The items you find in this ebook are: borders, prefabricated garage, waterfalls, stone cascades, English garden furnishing accessories, hanging garden furnishing accessories, Italian garden furnishing accessories, garden furnishing accessories Zen, philosophy of hanging gardens and philosophy of Italian gardens. Each chapter is dedicated to a different article concerning the macro-theme of garden design and tries to explain the characteristics, varieties, prices and places of sale of the different articles.

Garden design 3

In the third garden design ebook, other interesting topics are addressed and absolutely worth knowing for those who want to build a garden. In garden design 3 we talk about: English garden philosophy, Zen garden philosophy, Zen fountains, winter gardens, English garden, water features, lighting, water ponds, antique terracotta floors, floors in terracotta for outdoors. All the articles are written as always in clear and fluent language and are accompanied by very nice explanatory photos.

Garden design 4

With the fourth ebook dedicated to garden design, our website wanted to give its visitors another 10 very interesting articles, to develop those issues concerning design that were still missing from the site. In Garden Design 4 you will find 10 very interesting articles on: stone flooring, canopies, outdoor tiles, outdoor floor laying, wells, English garden design, Italian garden design, roof garden design, Zen garden design and greenhouses garden. If you didn't find what you were looking for in previous garden design ebooks, read Garden Design 4 and you will find it.

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