Fishing proverbs and sayings

  • Maybe a fisherman, pushes under the sides.
  • You cannot easily take out a fish from a pond.
  • I wandered the swamp, but I did not catch any fish.
  • Chatterbox can be seen by word, and fisherman by catch.
  • A big fish swallows a small one whole.
  • It would be good, but there will be fish.
  • Beat like a fish on ice.
  • It's good to fish in troubled waters.
  • There are always more fish in someone else's boat.
  • Any fish is good if it goes for the bait.
  • I caught an ide, but you can't eat.
  • As stupid as a sturgeon.
  • Where there is no pike, there is a crucian carp.
  • To give a ruff strength - I would have killed everyone from the world.
  • A cheap fish is a cheap ear.
  • Cheap fish on someone else's dish.
  • If dad is a fisherman, then his son looks into the water.
  • If a fresh worm, and fish on the hook.
  • The fish has not yet been caught, but have already begun to cook the fish soup.
  • The pike knows what she is in.
  • The pike knows what its science is.
  • And they fish in troubled waters.
  • I was looking for a twig on a rod - I ruined the forests for a tithe.
  • To eat a fish, you have to climb into the water.
  • The ear is sweet from bony fish.
  • The crucian carp will break - the pike will welt.
  • The hook is blunt and the cage is empty.
  • As a pike is not happy, and will not take a ruff from the tail.
  • Whoever is fishing will have an ear.
  • Small ruff, but prickly.
  • There is an eater for every fish.
  • The nozzle is welded tightly - the fish bite willingly.
  • In Russia - not all crucians, there are also ruffs.
  • That's what science is for, the pike told the crucian carp.
  • That's what the pike is for, so that the crucian does not doze.
  • I haven't caught a crucian carp, you will catch a pike.
  • Don't teach a fish to swim, but a dog to bark.
  • An unexpected crucian carp hit the top.
  • An uncaught fish always seems to be big.
  • You can't catch perches with your nose.
  • It's too late for the pike to remember the water in a frying pan.
  • The pike is fasting, but the crucian carp did not sleep.
  • Cancer is strong with a pincer, and a fisherman with a pincer.
  • The ruff is sweet, but there are many bones.

Collected by Alexander Nosov

Fishing proverbs and sayings


Card index of ecological proverbs and sayings

teacher of MADOU city of Nizhnevartovsk

To live near the forest - not to see hunger.

Who cherishes the earth - the earth regrets him.

Without a master, the land is a complete orphan.

Stork on the roof - peace on earth.

Cut down one tree - plant forty.

Look at the flower and it will warm your heart.

A large tree will cover both the sun and the rain.

Do not spit in the well - water will come in handy to get drunk.

Feed the earth - it will feed you.

Put a lot of manure - the barn will not be empty.

He killed a beaver, but did not find any good.

Don't kick the dog - the cramps will pull.

Kota killed - seven years in nothing to see luck.

If you kill the crane, there will be no happiness.

He who cuts wood dries places, drives clouds from the fields and prepares heaps of grief for himself.

Every forest on earth has a place.

Where there are many birds, there are no insects.

It rains twice over the forest.

Plant a forest in a field - there will be more bread.

To break a tree is a second, to grow - years.

Forest and water are the beauty of nature.

The plant is salvation to the shores.

The plant is an ornament of the earth.

The world is like a vegetable garden: everything grows in it.

The red sun on the white light warms the black earth.

Grain is measured by measure, and people by faith.

The deeper the seed is buried, the better it will be born.

The one who is good who will give birth to rye.

Better bread and water than pie with trouble.

You will not crack a nut, you will not eat a kernel.

The apple never falls far from the tree.

The further into the forest, the more firewood.

If you want to eat rolls, do not sit on the stove.

Where there is water, there is a willow; where there is a pussy willow, there is also water.

Where there is an oak forest, there is a birch forest.

Spruce and birch - why not firewood? Bread and water - why not food?

The tree is supported by the roots, and the person is held by friends.

A tree is valued for its fruits, and a person for deeds.

The tree is soon planted, but not soon the fruits are eaten from it.

The cow is black, but her milk is white.

Feed the cow more satisfying, her milk will be whiter.

At a good milkmaid, the cow is milked with butter.

Do not chase the horse with a whip, but chase it with oats.

If you feed it well, a bad horse will be a good horse.

Take care of the cattle, you will have an income.

There will be food on the farm - winter is not terrible.

On the skits, the goat is not a guard.

Do not trust the goat in the garden, but the wolf in the sheepfold.

Cats squabble - freedom for mice.

The hare's legs are worn, the wolf's teeth are fed, the fox's tail protects.

The fox will cover everything with its tail.

The fox does not go fishing near the hole.

The old fox is not poisoned by young dogs.

The fox is counting chickens in his sleep.

The fox was appointed governor of the forest: there is a lot of feathers, but no birds.

The old fox digs with a stigma, and sweeps up with its tail.

They beat the wolf not for being gray, but for eating a sheep.

The wolf would pretend to be a goat, but the tail is not like that.

The wolf will not change nature until the skin is removed.

Two bears in the same den will not get along.

If you can't make the camel lie down, you can't load it.

The lion is already formidable as a lion cub.

You can't get the prey out of the lion's mouth.

Fear the tiger, not the footprints.

On someone else's side I'm glad my funnel

The sparrows were in a hurry, but they were born small

There is nothing like leather

Every sandpiper in its swamp is great

Hungry chicken dreams of all millet

Better tit in hand than pie in the sky

One swallow does not make spring

Larks, come fly, bring the red summer!

The grass-ant rose from sleep, the tit-bird took its nest ...

Paraphrase about miscellaneous

Oh, how sweet it is to be a queen ... (Queens take off their crowns)

Oh how sweet it is to be a queen
So that on your sovereign throne,
Sit, with the quiet beauty of Eve,
Putting all matters aside for ... "later."

Accept congratulations, gifts
Undead sight, smell, hearing -
By the sight of those with their bright manifestation,
What a union prompted by two!

March. Eighth ... Tits, in love,
With the number - nine - they meet the dawn.
Queens take off their crowns
Yielding his throne - to the king!

So the women's holiday is over ... (March 9)

So the women's holiday is over
Bright, sunny, carefree.
Snow again. This is march the prankster
He jokes joyful and free.

Snow does not fall. He's spinning
Like little blizzards.
Lies down with a slight sadness in the morning.
No warmth for you, not a drop.

White snow will calm down a little,
Then, rushing across the rooftops in a dance,
Will sparkle and flash brightly
Embracing with the stubborn wind.

Only I'm not offended for March.
Women's day was so happy
Warm and sunny. At its best.
With a whole heap of beautiful words.

March 8 has passed ... (March 9)

March 8 has passed,
day of confessions and gifts.
All salary spent
for surprises and flowers.
All the men did their best
so that the girls smile
so that wishes come true
and their dreams came true.

Laughter, champagne, candy,
decorations, bouquets
and tickets to France ...
All gifts are from the heart.
Ladies in dresses and hair.
Bare in mini legs.
All the girls are like cats ...
Impossibly good!

And the men didn't give up
did not run away, did not break,
were not afraid of anything.
They survived as best they could.
There were many words, passion
(life is at stake:
All men from March 9!
All who saved happiness.

That's it, the fun is over…. (10th of March)

ALL, the fun is over.
Just a heavy hangover
Diarrhea and gastritis ...
My head hurts in the morning:
I ought to have a drink
Well, at least a cup of coffee ...
Where are you girls, ALLO ?!
You do not want?

My dear ladies! (Ninth March)

My dear ladies!
Lovely sisters, gentle mothers,
Grandmothers, mother-in-law, mother-in-law and daughters,
Of course, I am writing these lines for you.
Well, your "legal" day has passed,
And hubby sighed deeply,
And dad, and son-in-law, and lover, and father-in-law
Well, in general, everyone who you have in your family.
Why shouldn't he breathe deeply?
And why shouldn't he fly high,
From bright joy that for a whole year
The man is freed from worries and troubles!
Now he is the master of the situation again!
From women worthy of their respect!
And if suddenly something is not to his liking,
So here, no problem - fist on the table!
And so for a whole year he will realize
That a woman should stand in the kitchen
Clean up,
Play with a child
Visit the store,
Prepare lunch, breakfast, dinner for him.
Ironing clothes and looking at the moon ...
Look at the moon and sigh about your own:
About the third month and the eighth day in it ...

The picture I described to you is not simple,
But many, I am sure, are familiar and familiar.
After all, this often happens in a family -
As soon as the ninth of March in the country,
As soon as the clock strikes twelve
So immediately the man begins to change -
And he proudly straightens his shoulders,
His eyes shine with "righteous" anger!
But it seems like only yesterday dear
He promised to love and praised with all his heart ...

And the holiday is kind of cute enough
All women on this day are very beautiful.
But aren't they beautiful in others?
And is it dangerous to give flowers to them?
For no reason, but only because
That the sun shines so brightly through the window!
And is it a problem, man for you,
Should I bring her coffee to bed in September?
After all, there are still more than three hundred days,
To show how gentle and sensitive you are ...

March 9th as a litmus for us
It will enlighten who is in what is here much.
And he will tell us a litmus about the male gender
How many is sincere in March eighth!

My dear ladies!
Lovely sisters, gentle mothers,
Grandmothers, mother-in-law, mother-in-law and daughters,
Of course, I wrote these lines for you.
I sincerely congratulate you on the holiday!
And I wish you pure, female happiness!
I also wish that the entire masculine gender
I was men not only once a year!

What is the aftertaste of the holiday? (9th of March)

What is the aftertaste of the holiday?
Boxes "Assorted" high stack
And tables lined with vases
A bottle of cognac with a beautiful cork,
Delight and surprise over gifts
(It's so good that all the hints are made)
And the kisses are forgotten, hot,
And on the cheeks a cyclamen blush,
And regret - a little sourness,
That, after all, they did not add a miracle to me -
The holiday has melted like a small piece of ice ...
This day - at least once every three months!

Well, beautiful creatures ... (March 9th. Your trump day is over ?!)

Well, beautiful creatures,
your trump day is over ?!
Forget our promises!
To carry them out will be lazy.

Of course you can try
and remember about male honor,
but so lazy ... True, brothers!
Enough with them that just is

such cool men
from our fighting friends!
We love you! But no reason
we suddenly stop being lazy!

You probably think: I don't know ... (On March 9)

You probably think: I do not know -
Gone is the tulip day - the suffering of men?
But how the aftertaste is appreciated in Clicquot,
I have more reasons after the holiday
For wishes of joy - after all, it is true,
When it's not so on duty, not by the day,
But simply because it is very sincere,
Flickering softly, like sparks in champagne,
That feeling for you that I appreciate!

Fishing proverbs and sayings - garden and vegetable garden


Kondratyeva Irina Viktorovna

"The people are surprised what a miracle the garden is!"

Project type (by type of activity and by the number of participants)

Children of the middle group "Fairy Tale" educators, parents.

Long Term (February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October)

Creating conditions for expanding children's ideas about the world around them and instilling work skills through the joint creation of a vegetable garden.

Create a vegetable garden in the group and on the site of the kindergarten.

Create conditions for the development of cognitive and creative abilities of children in the process of joint research activities and in the process of developing an educational project.

Create conditions for deepening the natural science knowledge of children, attracting knowledge from different areas. Expand children's ideas about the conditions necessary for the growth and development of plants (soil, moisture, heat and light). To give an expanded understanding of natural vitamins necessary for health.

Create conditions for the education of work skills, mutual assistance. Organization of joint creativity of parents and children. Respect for nature.

Find out what plants need to grow and develop?

Problem field of the project from the point of view of a child or a group of children

Growing methods, plant care and harvesting.

Preparatory stage

The goal is set, the main tasks are defined. Selected literature, illustrations. The necessary materials have been developed: summaries of educational activities, an algorithm for compiling a descriptive story, a work plan on the project topic As part of the interaction, work was carried out with parents.

Acquaintance with vegetables and garden flowers. Planting indoors, growing seedlings, caring for seedlings. Work on the garden plot: planting in the ground, caring for plants, observing growth, collecting seeds and fruits. Experiment on the results of the harvest.

Direct implementation of the project through - GCD conversations, examination of paintings, illustrations, reading of fiction, didactic games, artistic creativity, plot role-playing games.

Analysis and generalization of the results obtained in the process of cognitive research activities of children.

Fun with parents.

Photo report "How we planted and looked after plants."

Exhibition of children's drawings, plasticine crafts.

Presentation of the photo album "Our cheerful vegetable garden".

I noticed that the garden in kindergarten promotes the development of curiosity and observation in children, this helps to better understand plant life. He is able to expand children's ideas about plants as living organisms, about the conditions necessary for growth and development, develop an ethical sense, the ability to enjoy the beauty of the grown plants and the result of their labor. Children with great enthusiasm accepted the offer to grow seedlings of vegetables and flowers with their own hands, they gladly helped to prepare land for plants, got acquainted with the equipment necessary for work. It is very important that children actively participate in the planting and subsequent care of the plants. The plants were monitored regularly. Children with interest carried out experimental activities, entertaining experiments and experiments that encourage children to independently search for reasons, methods of action, manifestation of creativity, support the initiative, ingenuity, criticality and independence in children.

In the group, a place was allocated for a laboratory, where the plants were planted in different ways: between two planes in cotton wool, in stones.

The bulbs were planted, creating different conditions for them: for one - heat, water, light for the other - heat, water, darkness for the third - cold, water, light. By organizing such an experience and conducting regular weekly observations of onion sprouting with the children, followed by recording the results using drawings in the calendar. We achieve a lot - using a specific example, we convince children of the importance of individual environmental factors for the growth and development of plants.

With the help of experimental work, children gained knowledge about the necessary conditions for plant growth.

Children learned to care for plants and got acquainted with the conditions of their maintenance.

The children acquired knowledge about the growth of plants in indoor and outdoor conditions, the ability to observe, analyze, compare, generalize. Children have become more careful with the flora, respectful of work.

Active participation of parents in the implementation of the project.

Children have learned for life that fresh vegetables are very useful for the body. When you grow vegetables with your own hands, you also experience great pleasure. This is how we begin to educate children in a healthy lifestyle.

As a result of the work in the group garden, the children became more friends, the children's team rallied, this is also of great importance. And also our children were once again convinced that the world around us is beautiful and amazing.

Stage of the project (with indication of terms and duration)

Content of children's activities

The content of the activities of teachers

Stage 1 - preparatory

Conversations with children “What is a vegetable garden? "" Such different vegetables "," Tasty and healthy "," Stocks for the winter. "

Artistic and aesthetic development: drawing, modeling, application "Vegetables and fruits in jars, on a plate, in the garden."

Development of speech: reading poems, fairy tales, stories about the harvest, garden. Riddles, proverbs, sayings.

Didactic games: “What is growing in the garden? "," Vegetables - fruits "," Third extra "," Edible - not edible "

The kindergarten group set up a vegetable garden on the windowsill. We made index tables with plant names (date of planting and first shoots). We picked up fiction: sayings, poems, fairy tales, riddles about vegetables.

Parents' meeting: "We are participating in the project" Our cheerful vegetable garden "

Purchase of the necessary equipment: containers, land, fertilizers, seeds.

Stage 2 - research

Game, motor activity.

Participation in practical activities.

Children watched the growth of plants, conducted experiments, experiments. Connections were established: plants - earth, plants - water, plants - people. Examination of seeds (dill, cucumbers, etc.), planting seeds and seedlings.

The experimental results were recorded in figures. Experimental and experimental activities: "The structure of plants", "Conditions necessary for the life of plants", "Reproduction, growth, development of plants."

During the research, the children got acquainted with fiction about vegetables: sayings, poems, fairy tales, riddles. We examined illustrations, pictures with images of vegetables (compare them by color, shape, size, taste). Conversations “Water is life!”, “Soil properties”.

Classes with children: "In the world of plants", "Everything starts with a seed", "Sowing seeds", "First shoots".

Conducting didactic games: "Learn by touch", "Learn by taste", "What vegetable is this part from?"

Conversation with children of a cognitive nature.

Organization of a subject-developing environment on the topic.

Preparing information for parenting corners.

Organization of competitions, exhibitions.

Creation of presentations for classes with children.

Development of the "Tasty Riddles" sliding folder.

Stage 3 - final

Harvesting (vegetables were taken to the kindergarten kitchen.)

Children will present their drawings to their parents. They will tell you how they grew: onions, dill, cabbage, beets, zucchini, tomatoes, beans, peas, potatoes.

They will share their success in growing seedlings, how she grew, how the children looked after her and what they did.

To arrange an exhibition of drawings "From seed to sprout".

Final conversation. We plan to analyze and generalize the results obtained in the process of children's research activities.

Used Books:

  1. Artemova L.V. "The world around in didactic games for preschoolers"
  2. Ivanova A.I. “The world of plants. Environmental observations and experiments in kindergarten "
  3. Maslennikova E.A., Suchkova I.M. "Organization of experimental activities of children 2-7 years old"
  4. Merenyanova O.R. "Formation in children of the foundations of ecological culture"
  5. Nikolaeva S.N. "Young ecologist"
  6. Ryzhova N.A. "Ecological development of children in kindergarten"
  7. Sigimova M.N. "Raising the ecological culture of a child"

Fishing proverbs and sayings - garden and vegetable garden

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On the pages of our site you will find teaching lessons, a lot of advice on what you can and should do with children to help develop abilities, intelligence, and prepare a child for school. The materials on our site will help to interest children and turn learning into an exciting experience. You will find tasks to develop attention, imagination, observation, logical thinking and memory. Interesting lessons, exciting games, tasks for ingenuity, funny pictures, labyrinths and funny crosswords are all that will contribute to the all-round development of your children.

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Mystery game for older preschoolers "Who is this?"

Program content: to acquaint children with an interesting insect - a stalk-like grasshopper; learn to describe it verbally and sketch out features of its appearance: a body similar to a plant stalk, narrow, flat, thin antennae, see the bunks of the legs, a green or brown "invisible hat" to exercise comparing a grasshopper with an ordinary grasshopper to continue teaching children to ask questions, to make simple conclusions, to educate curiosity, respect for nature.

Integrated lesson for older preschoolers "The cranes are flying away"

Program content: teach children directly, emotionally listen to a piece of music: feel the sad mood of flying cranes, develop the ability of children to express their feelings in theatricalization, teach drawings to draw birds with the help of reference lines, improve the culture of verbal communication of children, educate a caring attitude towards birds.

Integrated lesson for older preschoolers "Journey to the magical land" Autumn "

Program content: to develop the emotional-sensual sphere of children with the help of fiction, paintings, music, to clarify the signs of autumn, expressing your attitude to them, teach them to make various compositions from autumn leaves, develop creative imagination, educate love for nature.

Cognitive lesson for older preschoolers "Siberian parrots"

Program content: to acquaint children with the life of crossbills: the features of the appearance of spruce crossbills, the structure of the beak, with methods of climbing and feeding, incubating chicks in winter conditions and caring for them, teach how to establish a relationship between the birth of chicks and the maturation of seeds of coniferous trees, between the legend of crossbills and to really contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of passion for joint creative activity, to promote the manifestation of sensitivity, kindness, compassion to the representatives of the living world.

Game - lesson for older preschoolers "Walk in the woods"

Program content: to continue acquaintance of children with the life of birds: magpies, cuckoos, woodpeckers to give knowledge that with the help of songs birds transmit different signals to each other: alarms, danger, joy, etc. to teach children to compose funny descriptive stories based on humorous drawings, to express their attitude to what is happening, to educate children in the desire to protect all living things in nature.

Game lesson for older preschoolers "Ballet Artists"

Program content: to introduce children to the varieties of cranes, with their distinctive features, habits to develop the verbal, plastic and artistic creativity of children when recreating different types of cranes: white (Siberian crane), black (monk), Japanese (Manchurian), gray, Canadian, give bell knowledge that cranes "talk" to each other with the help of "dances" - expressive poses to improve the free speech communication of children on the basis of friendly disposition to each other, to exercise in asking questions to continue to develop a sustainable cognitive interest in wildlife.

Improvisation games for a walk with preschoolers “One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Come out and play soon! "

Purpose: to acquaint children with the concept of "animal playground" - a place for games to contribute to the correlation of the perceived word and play action to induce the desire in children to play the reincarnation of real games existing in the life of domestic and wild animals to create conditions for friendly communication of children with each other, excluding the possibility of conflicts.

Fishing proverbs and sayings - garden and vegetable garden

Pick up and write down the proverbs of the peoples of your region about the importance of respectful attitude of children to their parents.

Without a father - half an orphan, and without a mother - and all an orphan.
The prodigal son is an early grave for his father.
You will honor your father and mother, you will learn honor from your son.
You can buy everything except the father-mother.

Woe and death to a people whose younger ones will no longer honor their elders.
Gentlemen, old men are the foremost Cossacks.

Children are not judges to parents.
To bring up kids is not to count chickens.
Children are good - the crown is bad for the father-mother - the end is for the father-mother.

If you don't respect your parents, then no one will respect you either.
Feel sorry for your mother and father - you will not find others
Parents are alive - read, died - remember.

What is the tree, so is the wedge, what is the father, so is the son.
Whoever does not listen to his mother will get into trouble.
Those who honor their parents will be honored by children.
He who honors his parents will never perish.

Mother is a shrine, no one argues with her.
The mother feeds the children like the earth of the people.
Mother is righteous - the fence is made of stone.

There are no wrong parents on earth.
You will find everything in the world except your father and mother.
Do not neglect the advice of old people.
Don't hide your failures from your parents.
Not the father-mother who gave birth, but the one who gave drink, nurtured and taught good.

Father and mother are not enough for life.
To honor father and mother is not to know grief.

Do not poke your head across the scorching heat!
The order does not hurt an obedient son of fathers.

Honor your parents - you will not go astray.
A parental blessing does not burn in fire, does not sink in water.
The parental word does not pass by.
Help your parents while they are alive.

The elder brother is like a second father.
The happiness of parents is the honesty and hard work of children.

Respect the old, you must be old too.
Respect for the young is a duty, respect for the elder is a duty.
If you want to succeed in something, consult with three old men.

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Fishing proverbs and sayings - garden and vegetable garden

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Siberian Belfry

The publishing house "Siberian Blagozvonnitsa" was founded in 1999 at the Patriarchal Compound of the Zaikonospassky and Nikolsky monasteries. The publishing house publishes Orthodox books on a wide variety of topics. The range of books offered by our publishing house includes more than 3000 titles.

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