How I Arranged My Site - Svetlana Seregina, Winner of the Contest "Envy, Neighbor! - 2006"

Sun bunnies bathe in the fountain ...

I have been reading "Flora Price" magazine for a long time. The popularity and love for him is obvious. Along with the Moscow glossy magazines "DIY Garden", "My Beautiful Garden" and other similar publications, "Flora" has always been dearer and closer - its own, St. Petersburg, and does not drive crazy with colored foreign photos of "their plots" and expensive landscape.

And the Flora's price is quite acceptable. In addition, it always contains a lot of advice from ordinary gardeners and pros, advice that is available for understanding and use by every reader. Here you have a vegetable garden, flowers, and methods of treating plants, and buildings, but what can I say, all readers themselves know this well.

I have read more than once about the contests that the editorial office holds together with its sponsors. Finally I decided to take part in one of them myself - in the contest "Envy, neighbor!" It is not in my nature to boast - I just really like to do everything more beautiful than the old one, something unusual, so that everyone who looks at my work would be pleased. Therefore, I decided to participate only now, when there is something to show. In addition, I looked at it from the other side - beauty must be shared.

In my opinion, you can envy, smile, and admire a lot in our garden. This is what happens to every passer-by and guest of Strelna. Our neighbors are already accustomed to my endless novelties and ideas. With difficulty selected from five albums these pictures, although, of course, I wanted to show everything. But I decided that an alpine slide with a fountain, a gazebo, an alpine plateau, rockery and countless borders and mixborders along the rocky paths of flowers, shrubs, conifers, rhododendrons, roses and other things is no longer a surprise. The only thing I want to say: everything that the reader sees in the photographs, we do ourselves.

I took up the garden at the same time as the birth and education of my children. We have three of them. This is how I grow up to this day - children and flowers. I'll tell you everything in order: the first structure was a slide, with a pond, a fountain and backlit. Then a basket and mushrooms, woven from willow shoots, appeared (they are also woven from twigs and covered with red varnish for durability). This composition is already five years old, but it is like new.

The handle of the basket is entwined with maiden grapes, like our house itself. In autumn, it takes on the fiery color of grape leaves and looks amazingly good with mushrooms! Then we built an alpine plateau, a rose garden, a rockery, closed the entire fence with grapes and continued to replenish the collection of varietal irises (we now have seventy), conifers - now forty-five, rhododendrons - twelve.

The next building was for the entertainment of children and adults - a chain swing, entwined with the same girlish grapes. We love him very much! My husband and I welded pipes, dug holes and poured two cubic meters of concrete into them, and installed two lanterns on the sides. When you take off on a swing in the dark with lanterns lit on your sides, it's not hard to imagine yourself in an airplane taking off from the runway into the night sky.

My last hobby was garden products made of mosaic tiles, mirrors and rhinestones. I started with a hanging trap for sun bunnies. Then mushrooms were born - red and gold with mirrored legs, a mother turtle with an egg - at the request of children, a mirror dragonfly on the fireplace, butterflies, a ladybug made of stone in a basket. The giant dragonfly is already at the suggestion of her husband, the sign - the name of our street and the house number - on the advice of my mother. And finally, my favorite is the sparkling fish (thanks to the mirrors). In sunny times and when the fountain is overflowing, this is a spectacle that is not conveyed by photography.

Recently I finished a resting place near the gazebo. A mosaic-covered concrete table with flowers on it. Wooden benches with flowers and bees, varnished (it's great that the "Pattern-1" electro-burning device from my childhood has survived). All this stands on stone legs and 50 stone honeycombs, made by me using a plastic mold. Well, summer is over, but not my ideas. There are many of them, and they will be gradually implemented. I can only say that my hands reach the garden-vegetable garden. On our site there are many apple trees, pears, plums, cherries, currants, raspberries, vegetable beds and large potato plantations. Our family is six toilers with a good appetite, but the garden-garden feeds and pleases, and not only us. I wish the same to all readers of the magazine!

Svetlana Seregina, winner of this year's competition, pos. Strelna

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