A selection of the most beautiful flower beds from simple summer residents

Original ideas for a summer residence with your own hands - unique master classes, advice on arranging, fresh photos of new items

All summer residents are able to pick up original ideas for decorating the site. Most often, for this it is enough to use the things and means at hand, and put a little effort and material costs. There will be outdated furniture and other unnecessary items that should be approached creatively.

It would be useful to remember about long-abandoned things in the form of unnecessary furniture, old toys, empty containers, worn-out car tires, remnants of building materials, etc. Country crafts from such things are the most interesting and best decorate the site!

The design of a summer cottage is impossible without beautiful flower beds. Your flower arrangements can be diversified by adding old containers: barrels, pots, carts. The construction of original pickets around flower beds will make them intricate and interesting.

If you add skillfully thoughtful paths made of timber or stone to decorating with flower beds on your site, this will add originality.

Many masters of country design use plastic containers for the construction of sculptures, accessories for flower beds, borders. Fantasy in this area is endless.

Before starting work, you need to think over the idea well to get the desired result. Plastic is easy to cut, giving it the intended shape. It is suitable for making figurines from fairy tales. It will turn out especially effectively if you paint them with bright colors.

A bird feeder in a country interior will be not only a beautiful item, but also useful. Children will have an object to watch, and the birds will have a permanent dining room. There is material at hand for her.

It will not require a lot of work to make various figures from polymer clay, polyurethane foam, gypsum, capable of creating coziness and originality in the country. It is enough to wake up the fantasy, and the design solutions will come by themselves.

A glass cutter on hand will help you work with glass bottles. Interesting pots or candle holders are made of them.

Bottle lids, plastic packaging of chocolate eggs are suitable for creating unusual compositions.

It would be nice to arrange a small pond in the country, surrounding it with flower beds, sculptures, and crafts. As a decoration, you can complement it with an elegant bridge.

Unnecessary car tires, after dyeing, will become a platform for flower beds or material for carving figures.

Flower bed

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A selection of the most beautiful flower beds from simple summer residents

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It would seem that not so long ago you rolled up cans of pickled and pickled vegetables in the sweat of your brow, but now you have to think about what to do with your "surplus production".

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Donbass trees photos and names


  • Acacia (5)
  • Birch (20)
  • Elm (8)
  • Hornbeam (7)
  • Oak (21)
  • Willow (17)
  • Maple (60)
  • Linden (10)
  • Alder (14)
  • Rowan (8)
  • Poplar (13)
  • Ash (11)

Many people know what deciduous trees are, but not everyone knows which ones are suitable for growing in the garden. The most common types of deciduous trees, their names, photos and descriptions will help you replenish your knowledge base.

About 60,065 tree species are known. According to the type of leaves, they are divided into deciduous and coniferous.

Interesting facts: 1. The tallest trees of the sequoia species, their height can be up to 115.55 m. 2. Baobab is the thickest tree in the world - it is 15.9 m in diameter. 3. Spruce growing in the mountains in the west of Sweden, considered the oldest tree in the world. She is about 9550 years old.

Each person, having a personal plot around a country house or summer cottage, dreams of making his garden original and unique. With the help of landscape design, unique gardens are created, in which ornamental shrubs and trees play an important role.

Growing and caring for ornamental plants requires a lot of work, but today we will enjoy their splendor and present the most beautiful trees for the garden. Below you will see decorative trees, their photos and names, which are considered one of the most beautiful and easy to care for gardeners.

DIY flower beds

Any gardener who wants to make his wildest dreams come true uses improvised means to decorate flower beds. The original idea saves unnecessary things and saves money. A common material is an old tire. If there are a lot of them, then you can paint them in different colors, as indicated in the photo, and make a flower bed of an unusual geometric shape. Often fertilized soil is poured into the tires and bright flowers are planted in the color of the painting.

For creative people, the user of the DragonFly forum offers several options for flower beds created from improvised means. It's amazing that from the simplest unnecessary items, you can make a real work of art:

Don't throw away your favorites holey shoes... With their help, it is easy to organize a miniature flower bed, which will become the main decoration of the entire garden. It is recommended to use bright models that stand out from the plants.

Old jeans become unusable even in the country? No problem! We fill up the soil and plant perennial bushes with colored leaves. DragonFly recommends that it can even be used as a scarecrow.

If they meet at the flea market watering cans of the same shape in different colors, it is recommended to buy a series. They are suitable for making bouquets or planting annual low flowers up to 10-15 cm.

Interesting options are offered by the user Alla_cv with the form "Garden". So from an ordinary old umbrella, you can make an unusual center in a simple universal round flower bed. Having opened it beforehand, we stick it into the ground and fix it. Pour fertilized soil into the fabric and plant flowers. It is desirable with flowers of medium diameter. True, such a structure will not be durable, in the photo below there are forged decorative umbrellas.

For large areas, there is no limit to your imagination. Old, unusable furniture can be used as a flower garden. It is not only beautiful but also practical.

The second option is border... Used as a fence and creates a well-defined flower bed. It is not difficult to create a border yourself. It is recommended not to plant flowers longer than 60 cm. A homemade version looks beautiful, assuming the presence of two contrasting colors.

The third option is a mixborder. Visually similar to the curb. An ideal location is considered to be an area adjacent to a fence or fence. The main difference from the curb is the lack of transverse symmetry.

Gardeners with a creative approach to planting flower beds delight with new creative ideas every season. For example, a butterfly flower garden. To create a butterfly, you need a site with a large territory. To give clarity to the picture, the contour is planted from shrubs or the same flowers, and the inner filling is distinguished by a variety of bright colors and shades - you can give your imagination a roam, using, for example, various varieties of alissums, daisies, pansies.

Using standard planting methods, a novice gardener can achieve the fabulous beauty of a flower bed. It is necessary to remember the criteria for the selection of shapes, colors and decorative elements to form the most favorable flowering conditions. It is not recommended to use decorative flowers of complex varieties in courting when creating the first flower bed, to choose unpretentious ones, like daylilies. Novice gardeners are encouraged to practice the craft on perennial flowers and shrubs.

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