5 earliest and most productive tomatoes to plant in 2020

Tomatoes are delicious and healthy vegetables. They contain a lot of carotenoids, vitamin C, organic acids, which reduce the glycemic index of food. They can be used to make salad, tomato paste, they are added to borsch, main courses, pickled and salted.


Suitable for the northern regions of Russia, as it withstands low temperatures well and ripens quite quickly - in 3 months. Designed for outdoor cultivation.

The plant is low, up to 30 cm high, standard. Resistant to parasites. Does not require pinning. The yield is quite high - up to 4.5 kg / m² (6 plants). Tomatoes are red, round, weighing about 100 g. Suitable for canning, cooking hot dishes, salads.

Siberian troika

Ripening period - 110 days. Vegetables are red, sweet, large - 200-300 g, cylindrical shape, pointed at the end (similar to pepper).

The bushes are high - from 60 cm, a garter is required. Suitable for central Russia and hot regions, resistant to high temperatures. The yield is high - up to 5 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from m². Suitable for canning with whole fruits.

Honey saved

The variety got its name for its orange-yellow color. Ripening occurs 110 days after germination. Fruits are round, large, weighing 200-500 g. The growth of the bush is not limited. The height of the stems is up to one and a half meters.

Tomatoes are soft, sweet, and have no sourness. Suitable for preparing various dishes, but not for canning whole. Up to 5 kg of fruit can be harvested from one bush. Up to 3-4 plants are placed on 1 m².

Requires pinching, good feeding, pest control. Heat-loving variety.

Amur bole

Standard grade. The ripening period of vegetables is from 85 days. Suitable for growing both in the open field and in the greenhouse. Fruits are bright red, weight 60-100 g. 5 plants can be grown per 1 m². The bushes are low. Productivity up to 4-5 kg ​​from 1 m².

The variety is resistant to drought and temperature extremes. Tomatoes are suitable for canning whole.


Ripening period is 3 months. Tomatoes grow weighing up to 300 g. Plants are tall - 1-1.5 meters. They have a sour taste. They are poorly stored, as they are watery. They are unsuitable for canning in whole form - they fall apart. Good for preparing canned salads, adding to main courses.

All varieties require feeding, protection from pests, and sufficient watering. Tomatoes are light-loving plants, so their yield increases depending on the light.

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Harvest varieties of tomatoes for open ground: large-fruited, early, tasty

Both a beginner and an experienced gardener want to know the most productive varieties of tomatoes for open ground... With a greenhouse it is easier, but not every summer resident has the opportunity to put a greenhouse on the site, and especially take care of it.

Tomatoes are one of the leading vegetable crops in terms of prevalence... It is difficult to find a summer cottage that does not have these fruits. This is despite the fact that the culture requires quite a lot of heat, light and care for normal maturation. On average, the growing season lasts from 3 to 4 months.

In the conditions of the Russian climate, tomatoes are most often grown through seedlings, planting them in closed ground, or ultra-early ripening varieties are chosen.

Low-growing varieties for open ground

Stunted ones can stop growing immediately after 5 brushes appear. These varieties can yield early crops.

"Riddle" - is considered the best variety. Tomatoes of this variety have a good color, which lays down evenly. The shape is round. If we consider other varieties that ripen in a short time, then it surpasses them in taste. One tomato has a mass of 150 g. For full ripening of the fruit, it will take about 2.5 months from the moment the tomato seeds are soaked.

A list of early outdoor varieties can be found here.

In the process of growth, the bushes develop very well, and their height is no more than 45 cm. The stem of the bush is strong, there are many leaves on the bush. These factors indicate that there is no need to tie up tomatoes additionally. Culture has one drawback: you need to eliminate growing stepchildren. Therefore, you need to take care of this variety constantly. Stepsons can be used to grow small bushes. These shoots have such a property as good rooting in the ground. Fruits appear on stepsons only 2 weeks later. If you do not pinch, then the tomato harvest will be large, but small.

The best outdoor varieties are presented here.

"Raspberry Giant" gives large fruits in the early stages. If we talk about this group of tomatoes, which gives a good harvest, then this variety is considered practically the only large-ripe one. It can weigh 700 grams. One brush is capable of producing 6 tomatoes. Every third sheet allows you to form sheets. The shape can be different, but mostly they are flattened or on the sides, or in height. The color of the tomatoes is pink, the aroma from the fruit comes out pleasant. If you take proper care of the bushes, then from one such bush you can get about 15 kg of pieces. "Raspberry Giant" ripens within 4 months. All this time, he is able to withstand various diseases.

"Anastasia" considered very early. The bushes are quite tall, they can even grow in 2 stems. An ovary is formed every couple of leaves. One brush is capable of giving 8 pieces. One tomato weighs 200 grams. If you take proper care of the plants, then you are guaranteed a good harvest. 12 kg can be removed from one such bush. At the tip, the tomatoes seem to taper. This feature characterizes this variety. The pulp of the fruit is juicy and soft.

"Roma" was bred in Holland by Dutch breeders. The variety is classified as mid-season. Tomatoes are like plums. The weight is only 100 grams. 20 pieces can grow on one brush. Most often, this variety is planted in order to pickle or preserve the fruits in the future.

"Rio De Grande" is considered a universal early ripening variety for open ground. The height of the bush is small, only 60 cm. Tomatoes are small in size, their surface is even. Sweet in taste, they are often used for pickling. The average weight of one tomato is 120 grams.

"Watercolor"Has a bush height of 50 cm. It takes 3 months to ripen. The fruits are elongated with a fairly dense skin. The weight is 110 grams. Pleasant palatability is preserved even during the maturation process. Septoria and apical rot are not terrible for these fruits. These varieties are considered the best among the undersized determinant species.

Usually, the height of a bush of any of these species, as well as cherry tomatoes for open ground, does not exceed 1 meter. Since undersized varieties have a small root system, they will take up little space in the garden. Due to the fact that the fruits ripen very quickly, they are not afraid of such a disease as late blight. It usually spreads in August. By this time, undersized varieties have already yielded their crops. Usually tomatoes are sown in the first days of May or in the last days of April.

Standard tomato varieties are considered the most unpretentious, they are usually not stepchild, but require support. Due to the fact that many fruits ripen on the bush, the bushes can bend and break. Varieties belonging to these species tolerate cold well. What are the highest-yielding varieties of standard crops?

  1. "Betta" refers to early maturing species. Tomatoes ripen within 2, 5 months. The height of the bush is 50 cm. The yield of this variety is small, and the mass of one tomato is 50 grams. From one bush, you can collect about 2 kg of tomato.
  2. "Rose of Wind" refers to frost-resistant species. The height of one bush is no more than 46 cm. The weight of a tomato is 130 grams. The fruit tastes very juicy and sweet. It will take 3 months for the tomatoes to fully ripen.
  3. "Polar" belong to the early maturing superdeterminant species. The bush grows only 30 cm in height. And the fruits have a mass of 150 grams.
  4. "Severin" gives a very good harvest. This is one of the species that does not require careful maintenance. 50 cm - the height of an adult bush. Tomatoes are stored well and for a long time and do not crack at the same time.

Early varieties of tomatoes for balconies and home gardens

Compact early ripening tomatoes can be grown on the balcony

'Room surprise'

Ultra early determinant variety (80-90 days) for compact open field planting, growing in container culture on balconies, loggias and at home. The plant is up to 50 cm high, compact, does not require formation. Fruits weighing up to 60 g, plum-shaped, red. Fruiting is amicable and abundant. The purpose of the variety is universal.


Early maturing determinant variety (89-96 days) for growing in open ground and under film shelters, as well as on loggias, balconies and at home. The plant is compact, 30-40 cm high, does not require pinching. Differs in abundant fruiting, fruits are small (15-25 g), red, pleasant sweet taste with a slight acidity. The purpose is universal. The variety is especially notable for its undemandingness, the ability to bear fruit well in low light and high decorativeness.

'Indoor pygmy'

Early maturing determinant variety (80-87 days) for open ground. It can be grown as a pot culture on terraces, balconies, loggias, used for home vegetable growing, and planted in compacted vegetable and flower plantings (in borders). The plant is 25-30 cm tall, standard, does not require pinching. Can be grown in a seedless way. Abundant fruiting. Fruits weighing about 25 g, red, round, very sweet. The purpose of the variety is universal.

Choose early-maturing indoor tomato varieties in our catalog, which contains offers from large garden online stores. Choose tomato seeds for your home garden


Early maturing determinant variety (90-95 days) for balconies, loggias, growing at home. Can be used for compact open field plantings. The plant is undersized (20-30 cm), standard, compact, does not require pinching. Fruits weighing 15-20 g, round. The variety is notable for its decorative properties and productivity. The purpose is universal.

'Garden Pearl'

Ultra early determinant variety (89-93 days) for open ground, balconies, loggias and growing at home (on the windowsill). A plant with a height of 30-40 cm, creeping does not need pinching, very decorative, especially during the fruiting period. Fruiting is very abundant (up to 300-400 fruits per season). Fruits are small (15-20 g), pink. The purpose of the variety is universal. It can also be grown in flower beds as an ornamental plant.


Ultra early ripening super determinant variety (80-90 days) for open ground, balconies and home gardening. Can be grown in a seedless way. Plant height 25-30 cm pinching and shaping is not required. Fruits weighing 20-25 g, red, very sweet. The purpose is universal.

Of course, this review does not exhaust the entire abundance of early tomato varieties on the market today. I hope you will supplement it, friends, with descriptions of those varieties that you grow in your garden or balcony.

American ribbed is not a hybrid, but a tomato variety. According to my observations, capricious and painful. Most likely your plants are sick with some kind of disease. Tomatoes have a lot of them. Plant again, but disinfect the seeds for 20 minutes in 3% hydrogen peroxide, then do not rinse, but roll slightly damp in the foundation. Steam the soil for planting seedlings or pour it with a dark pink solution of potassium permanganate. The American ribbed has been planted for several years. The taste is not 5, but the shape is wonderful! Then I found on sale in Ukraine, where I live, almost the same Italian variety Florentino with the American ribbed fruit. It is taller, more productive and less susceptible to disease.
Immature American ribbed at my dacha.

Great list! From it I know (grew up) De barao royal, Oxheart, Spaghetti. I read about San Marzano that they are dried in Italy and delicious preparations are made, but I myself did not have to dry the tomatoes. There is room to grow. Like you, I’m probably looking for the perfect tomato for myself. But the more I learn about this plant, the more I am convinced that this does not happen. I have tomatoes with very large tasty fruits, many more than 1 kg. These are Rome, Zorya, King Kong, Big Girl, Orange Amana, Wonder of the Earth, Magnificent Bonnie. There are cherry tomatoes Grape, Kozachka, Harmony. You walk by and your hands reach for the ripening berries, so beautiful and tasty! Pets for the amazing taste Honey, Honey Spas, Orange from Russia, Black Juice, Orange Strawberry, Bedouin, Amur Tiger, Black Oxhard, Great Yellow Zebra, Grapefruit, Orange Miracle, Creme brulee, Peruvian homemade red. There is a tomato of amazing yield Superintense. I took him to two barrels in the OG. Tied 15 brushes of 4-5 red even fruits! About 70 pcs per plant! At the same time, the taste is better than that of Be Borao! There is a German variety Strauch, tasty, fruitful. Argentine wonder plant of amazing elegance with pink icicles-fruits. Palmyra, hung with clusters of orange icicles, looks like a city with a colonade. A naughty Auria, the fruits of which may not shine with special taste, but all your guests will laugh at greasy jokes about their shape! The lilac sunset does not leave you indifferent - the fruits are exotic purple-burgundy. Although the taste is so-so ... Eggplants and bell peppers have already been planted, in early March it will be time to plant your favorite tomatoes. Any seeds can be bought from collectors or exchanged. It's a pity you can't send it across the border! I'm glad if my information about tomatoes will be useful to someone! Good harvests!
My tomato beds last year.

Amana orange



Lilac sunset

One of the harvests in 2016

Advantages and disadvantages of large tomatoes

All large-fruited tomatoes are called beef tomatoes for their fleshy pulp. Pulp and sweet taste are their main strengths. They can be grown in open and protected ground, have different ripening periods. Good commercial qualities, high yields, resistance to most diseases make them favorites when used for salads and processed into juices and pasta. The disadvantages of large tomatoes are:

  • exacting care,
  • the need for good feeding,
  • obligatory installation of supports and trellises for tying the stem,
  • bush formation,
  • inability to use for canning.

The best and most delicious varieties of tomatoes

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