Propagate lavender by cuttings

Photo: Latvijas Gaisa

The fastest and cheapest way to get new lavender plants is to propagate them from cuttings. Take the opportunity to take cuttings when you cut down the plants in the spring. But do not let that stop you from trying other seasons as well.

Then you take cutting on lavender

Lavender cuttings are made from shoots with leaves, not flower stalks. Choose dense healthy shoots. Take the opportunity to take cuttings when pruning your lavender. Cuttings should be about 10 cm long. You can cut, but they do best if you get a slightly woody "heel". That is, when you break off a small branch and make sure to get a small piece of bark "heel" from the branch it was sitting on. Peel off the lower leaves of the cuttings and leave only a few at the top.

Plant the lavender cuttings

Stick the lavender cuttings in soil mixed with sand or perlite. Sowing soil in a bag works fine. The soil can be soaked before. You can put many cuttings together in a pot. Set warm, but not in direct sunlight. A plastic bag over the pot can help with the heat. But be careful that no condensation forms inside the bag, because then the cuttings can rot.

Cut lavender cuttings without heel

When to school about the lavender cuttings?

Roots are formed on the cuttings within a few weeks depending on the season and other conditions. Just wait and see when they start firing new shots. It is usually a sure sign that roots have grown. Feel free to wait a few more weeks before they are retrained or replanted in the flower bed.

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